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Nov 122015

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude by Radu & Andrew
The guys from Chivote are hitting all the right buttons with their latest desk lamp design, the Lampster!

The Lampster is made of an original tractor headlight tuned up with 2 RGB LED light sources, smartphone connectivity for controlling the light intensity and color, a 360-degrees swivel steel head attached to a recycled high-density polyethylene body and a weather resistant build! The lights are all recycled or reused old vehicle headlights!

Cool, isn’t it? The Lampster comes win a wide range of colors, is can bu customized with your own logos and models, is currently in project stage at Kickstarer and you can order it for as low as $179 with delivery scheduled in June 2016. Check it out, it’s well worth the time!

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Jul 212015

Umbra Conceal Wall Mounted Bookshelf
Organizing your books collection it’s not always an easy task, but, with the new Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelfs, your books can look sexy and float by magic on your walls!

The minimalist Umbra Conceal Bookshelf mounts easily on your wall, can hold up to 20 lbs of books (that’s 9 KG), comes in various sizes and gives your books the cool appearance of floating in mid-air!

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Aug 182014

Lombardia Rustic Wood 8 Arms Chandelier From RustikLight.com
Made in Europe , of fine quality beech wood, the Lombardia Lights Collection was designed to give your home a cool rustic look!
The collection sports nine lighting models including two chandeliers (with 4 and 8 arms), four flush ceiling lights models (with 4,3,2 or one light), two wall sconces (1 or 2 lights models available) and a table lamp, all items are hand finished and come in four tones: antique wood, natural wood, walnut and wenge/dark brown.

All fixtures feature white fabric lampshades decorated with black flower models and are compatible with the European (220V) and US (110V) electrical standards.
Check them out! The guys from RustikLight.com were kind enough to offer all CoolPile.com readers a special 23% introductory discount (coupon code: COOLPILE23) applicable on all their pendant lighting, wall sconces and flush ceiling lights.

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Jun 272014

Vinyl Disc Handmade Batman Wall Clock
Let everyone know who’s your favorite superhero!
The Batman Vinyl Clock is a cool handcrafted wall clock featuring the Dark Knight costumed and ready for to defend Gotham City!

ALSO CHECK this version of Batman Wall Clock from the same manufacturer.

The clock is made of a real vinyl disk, hand cut and painted and sports a non-ticking, silent mechanism powered by 1 AA battery. Perfect for your bat-man-cave!

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Sep 172013

Metal Door Wall Graphic Decals
Ready to redecorate your room? Why not use some cool graphic wall decals featuring metallic scenery that looks taken straight out of a video game?

The Metallic Door Wall Graphic Decals come in four realistic sci-fi designs: Airlock, Armory, Freight Elevator and Lab Door.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments …

$69.95 | BUY NOW
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Oct 032012

Pure Wooden Carpet Ruckstuhl Fireplace


Nothing is more personal than you home, and one of the most important pieces that can make the  break the overall design. If you like the warmth of wood, Ruckstuhl has you covered.
Ruckstuhl presents this pure wooden carpet in 5 different colors. The carpet is featuring rolls with a width of 100cm – 400cm in 10cm steps. Check all the details on Ruckstuhl website.

€ 69; ~ $88 | BUY NOW
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