Oct 112013

Suunto Ambit - GPS Equipped Watches For Athletes And Outdoors Explorers

Suunto’s Ambit series are targeted to outdoors sports lovers. The wristwatch computers features a wide array of specs being able to support you in virtually any situation. We have full GPS integration for tracking and route navigation, track elevation, barometer, chronograph, pedometer, odometer, altimeter, thermometer, digital compass, water and sock resistance, storm alerts and full access to the Suunto Apps Store where you can download dedicated sports apps – also check the Suunto Core models we featured a while ago.

The Suunto Ambit series is available in three main versions: Suunto Ambit conceived for outdoors explorers, Suunto Ambit2 targeted to explorers and athletes and Suunto Ambit2 S build mainly for athletes (this model also includes a HRM – Heart Rate Monitor belt). Each of the three models comes in a handful of flavors featuring various color combinations and functions specific to it’s target audience.

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Sep 242013

LED Knit Cap - The Flashlight Equipped Headgear

Remember those situations when you need a flashlight and you do not have any of your hands available to hold it? While this could be relatively easy to achieve by using a headlamp, the issue is that a headlamp is just an extra piece of gear to carry with you, so, most times, you do not have one handy – also check this other wearable flashlight we featured earlier – The Uncle Milton’s Shoe Mount Lights.

So, why not have one handy every time you go out? The LED Knit Cap was designed around this issue and, apart it’s obvious mean of protecting your head from cold, it also incorporates a small 5 LED flashlight in it’s texture. The cap comes with one set of batteries which allows it to run for about 7 hours continuously.

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Sep 202013

SPOT Global Satellite Phone Coverage Map

While most of us go crazy after powerful smartphones with big screens and power hog processors, the SPOT Global Phone has a different value proposition for it’s customers – affordable satellite phones with almost full Earth coverage (some parts of Africa and Asia are not yet included in their plans – check the above map).

Their phones are not what we usually call “head turners” but hey, there’s a price to pay for being able to use your phone in remote areas with no cell phone coverage. On the other hand, their airtime plans are pretty acceptable starting from a reasonable pricing of $0.25 US per minute.

So now we have smartphones for city usage, low priced satellite phones for usage in remote areas … what’s next? What do you think? Let me know in the comments …

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Jul 302013

Picnic Time X-grill - The Portable Notebook Charcoal BBQ

Having a BBQ ready to grill a couple of steaks is super cool… for anybody who owns a courtyard or a balcony large enough to allow it’s usage. For all the rest of us, who do not fit the above statement, don’t dessair yet … there’s always a solution …

The X-Grill Picnic Time has an ingenious folding system designed to allow a reasonable grilling surface while allowing easy transportation and storage when not in use (the entire system folds flat to an 1-inch wide piece that can be stored almost anywhere). A durable 600D polyester carrying tote is included with the package.

I don’t know about you, but I love burgers … so, the way I see it, the Picnic Time X-grill is the perfect companion for the Stuff A Burger BBQ Press while on the road!

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Jul 042013

Dexshell Waterproof Socks

Keeping your feet dry and warm while outdooring is a total MUST! Unfortunately, this is easier to be said then done – also check these -30 Degrees US Military Waterproof Socks.

DesShell is a Salt Lake City, USA, based outdoors equipment that offers a complete line of waterproof, highly breathable and thermal protection socks and gloves.
Their waterproof socks feature a close fitting design which allows improved tactility and wool inner for thermal protection in demanding environments as well as helping reducing significantly the blistering problem and other foot injuring risks.

In a word – the pair of socks you need to pack in your backpack when outddooring this summer!

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Jun 262013

Nitecore Tiny Monster QuadRay - The 3,500 Lumen CREE Led Flashlight

Having a good flashlight around the house is a must. Whether you go for a 30 days lasting lantern like the eGear, a solar solution like the LuminAID or a complete crank charging solution like the Eton charger – you still have to be prepared when the time comes!

Today, we focus on power!
The QuadRay Tiny Monster by Nitecore is considered the world’s smallest 3,500 lumen LED flashlight. If you’re not sure what 3,500 lumen means let me tell you that “powerful flashlights” output in average around 500 lumens light. So the Nitecore QuadRay turns out to be 6-7 times more powerful then what we averagely call a “powerful flashlight”. On maximum light output settings the Nitecore tiny monster would be brighter than most automobile headlights.

Now that you have an idea what 3,500 lumen would look like, let’s see some of the QuadRay’s technical specs:

  • Eight brightness levels and modes
  • Intelligent charging circuit for safe and quick charging
  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel bezel-ring to protect it’s core components from damage
  • HAIII military grade hard-anodized
  • Waterproof (up to two meters)
  • Works on 4 x 18650 lithium ion cells OR 8 x CR123 batteries (Both included)
  • 4 x CREE XM-L LEDs
  • Run time: Between 45 minutes to 1000 hours (Turbo: 3500 Lumen/45 min; High: 1700 Lumen/2.5 Hours; Medium: 540 Lumen/8.25 Hours; Low: 95 Lumen/48 Hours; Lowest: 3 Lumen/1000 Hours)
    Weight (without battery – 15.45oz (438g); with battery – 17.09 oz (484gr)

What’s your take on flashlights? Would you go for high power monsters like the QuadRay or you’d stay in more favorite a longer lasting lantern?

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£245.89 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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Jun 152013

The Mountain Monk - The Folding Mountain Bike Designed To Be Carried As A Regular Backpack

Built in the same spirit as the Mantague Paratrooper Folding Bike, the Mountain Monk allows easy storage and easy back transportation where the terrain does not allow you to ride it.

The bike system ingeniously folds and transforms into a compact backpack which allows mountaineers to climb, walk and hike their way and freely use their both hands for other activities. The Mountain Monk not only speeds your downhill, built also pretects your health from knee, hips, shoulders and other muscle injuries.
While walking downhill, our joints have to cope with several times the amount of our own weight – the legs have to slow down the downhill movement of the body with every step. And everybody knows the consequences: tired muscles and aching knees. Walking safely is not guaranteed anymore.[…] Studies show that 67% of all mountaineers have knee troubles, followed by injured ankles, hips, shoulders or even damages to the spinal column. Taking the “Bergmönch” with you, solves these problems, as you wheel downhill, taking care of your joints.” [extracted from the Mountain Monk press-release].

Let me hear your comments below. What are your thoughts in regards of the Mountain Monk foldable bike concept? Would you use one for your downhills or you’d prefer walking your way down when mountaineering?

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