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Feb 012014

Fancy Zippo Hand Warmer
Hand warmers exists since long time ago, but, other than being useful to warm your hands in the cold winter days, they were never considered a cool gadget, something you’d be proud to have in your pockets!

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Well, the wait is over! Zippo, the world’s most iconic lighter maker, finally brings you a cool hand warmer to carry in your pocket.
The hand warmer sports a rugged construction, offers 12 hours of odorless warmth on one refill and is easy to operate: simply fill the gas tank, turn it on, place it in the warmer bag that comes with the products and you’re ready to roll!
Available in Black, Silver and Real Tree designs.

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Oct 302013

Surf The Snow In Geek Style With The GPS Tracking and Navigating Ski Gloves
The GPS Tracking & Navigating Ski Gloves are designed to help you find your way while out there surfing the snow – also check the Rohan Rechargeable Heated Ski Gloves.

The gloves are weatherproof and feature a GPS tracking system which allows you to track your current position, altitude, traveled distance, duration, descent velocity and many more. They feature a little screen situated on the left hand thumb which displays all this information as well as an arrow which acts as a compass. If you take the time to set up a route the arrow on the gloves screen acts as a GPS navigation indicator and shows you the direction to the next way-point.
This can come in handy in poor visibility situations when you need to get back to the base and you want to confirm you’re on the right track!

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Sep 272013

Road Shower - The Rack Mounted Solar Shower With Pressurized Hot Water

With the Road Shower, you can have a hot pressurized shower on your vehicle. The water is solar heated even while driving.

The Road Shower is an interesting concept – a water recipient is mounted on your car’s rack and allows you to always carry with your a water reserve. The water recipient can hold up to 5 gallons (that’s about 19 liters), it can be pressurized with the use of a simple bike pump and solar heats the water allowing you to take a shower while on the go, wash some dishes if you’re camping, wash gear or pets or anything else you might like to use it for – also check some other cool car gear we featured earlier.

The Road Shower is in project stage at Kickstarter and you can score a special early price for just $210.

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Dec 312012

Rohan Rechargeable PowerStation Heated Gloves

There are times when the regular winter gear will just not be enough!
As the Heated Shoe Insoles we featured in the past, the Rohan PowerStation Gloves are designed with one one thing in mind – to keep your hands warm during the lowest temperatures out-there. The gloves are made of ThermoKnit and incorporate a battery powered liner to provide the necessary heat. The liner is able to self -regulate in order to keep the inside of the gloves at a constant temperature. The rechargeable Li-Io battery has enough power to heat you an entire day.

The PowerStation Gloves are waterproof, breathable, have leather palms, feature a soft “nose wipe” section on the thumbs and they’ll be a great addition to your winter super gear.

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Nov 242012

Heated Shoes Insoles by ThermaCell Remote Control

For all of us who need to spend time outside during the cold winter (either you do it for fun or because of your work) – we all know how important is to keep your feet warm. Now this can be done easier than before by generating heat right from within your boots.

The ThermaCell heated insoles are Li-Io rechargeable battery powered and will help you keep that good warm comfort level while spending time outside int he cold. Here are some features of the ThermaCell Insoles:

  • Wireless remote control operated
  • 3 levels of operation (OFF, Medium, High)
  • 5 customizable sizes
  • Up to 5 hours of heating per charge
  • Water-Resistent
$120+ | BUY NOW
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