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May 202014

Draw iPhone Leather Case And Stand By Hard Graft
Many times I find myself grabbing my phone to check notifications, messages or the time while working. You probably do the same!
So, quickly I realized that I needed a smartphone stand so I can keep an eye on my phone without having to always grab it from the table and interrupting my work. You probably did the same, or at least thought about it …

While there are many solutions out there, from minimalistic stands made of expired membership or credit cards and iPhone wallet stands to desktop docks, few can beat the mobility and the cool factor of an iPhone case that turns into an iPhone stand when needed!

The Hard Graft Draw iPhone Case was designed to accommodate both needs – to protect your iPhone as well as to allow you watch movies or get a quick glimpse to your phone’s screen without having to reach out to grab it. As all Hard Graft products (also check the iPhone 5 Sport Case and the iPhone Fold Wallet Case we featured earlier) the Draw iPhone Case is manufactured in UK only with high quality vegetable tanned leather. Available for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S.

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Mar 132014

Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet Leather Case
The Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet is a fancy piece of gear designed to carry your daily stuff in style.
Made of Italian vegetable tanned leather with wool felt interior lining, the wallet case sports a front pocket for 1-2 credit or ID cards, a main slot to protect your iPhone and a third pocket for cash bills and other small stuff you need to carry around. Compatible with all iPhone versions and similar sized smartphones from other brands.

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Dec 252013

Hard Graft Heritage Box Camera Bag
Hard Graft, the creators of the Flat Pack Bag, the iPhone 5 Sport Leather Case and the Old Fashioned Laptop Bag we featured earlier, released an interesting concept of photo camera bag – the Box Camera Bag.

The camera bag is handmade of a single piece of premium quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather with 100% wool interior lining to protect your photo gear. The cubic bag comes with a shoulder strap which sports the Hard Graft logo embossed on it, a padded wool divider to keep your gear safe, features an inside pocket designed for smartphones and other small stuff (memory cards, credit cards, some cash, etc… ) and fits most DSLR cameras out-there (actual bag sizes: 6.1″ x 4.3″ x 5.1″ – that’s 15.5cm x 11cm x 13cm).

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Jun 062013

Hard Graft Old Fashioned Italian Leather Laptop Bag

A while back we featured 2 cool products of the European leather gear manufacturer Hard Graft – the Flat Pack and the iPhone 5 Sport case.
Now, we’re back with a cool looking item from their #Old Fashioned collection.

The Old Fashioned laptop bag is a minimalistic notebook carrier designed to fit laptops up to 13.3in (it can also accommodate a bare 15″ MacBook Pro Retina (without sleeve) inside it’s padded protective pocket), it’s made of thick high quality premium vegetable tanned Italian leather and it features a series of thin straps that allow a wide range of transportation modes – shoulder, chest strap, documents sleeve and can even be carried as a wide backpack.

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Apr 292013

The iPhone 5 Sport Leather Case by Hard Graft

The Sport iPhone 5 Case is Hard Graft’s new release in their Heritage line (from the same line we featured the Flat Pack model a couple of weeks back).

The sport case is a simple, minimalistic iPhone sleeve which combines a vegetable tanned leather front with a wool felt back into a slim protector for your smartphone. The case looks very chic, while sturdy enough to keep your iPhone away of day-to-day scratches and pocket bumps. The black elastic secured side opening gives it a cool look while making the access at the phone easy.

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Mar 192013

Italian Hand Made Tanned Vegetable Leather Flat Pack By Hard Graft

If you’re on the market for a high quality vegetable tanned Italian leather iPad or MacBook Pro flat pack, you need to stop by for a minute and check the Hard Graft Heritage Flat Pack.

The Heritage Flat Pack was designed to be a minimalist carrying bag which perfectly fits your MacBook Pro or iPad and a couple of necessary accessories. The flat bag is made of premium 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather and German water repellant and shock absorbing premium wool, it comes in 3 predefined sizes: iPad and MacBook Air (11″), MacBook Pro, Air and Retina (13″), MacBook Pro 15″ and, with it’s original style and hand made quality will surely set you apart of the pack!

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