Dec 292012

Classic Style iPad Leather Backpack Front

The iPad Leather Backpack was designed with the idea of protecting your Apple tablet in mind. The backpack is made of top-grain Colombian vachetta leather and has an internal padded pocket specifically designed for your iPAd (or any other tablet or e-reader). A second main compartment will hold work documents, newspapers or any other objects you’d like to bring with you, while your smartphone has a dedicated side pocket (large enough to accommodate the latest models). On the front of the iPad backpack, there’s an outer pocket that can be used to carry smaller objects (cables, chargers, wallets or any other accessories). Perfect for students or your professionals.

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Nov 072012

Compact Elliptical Trainer for Winter Indoor Exercising

Winter came.
Do you like exercising? Are you worried about the low temperatures outside? You’d like a stepper but you do not have an extra room available?
Well … we had the same problem … so we went out there and found the Compact Elliptical Trainer.

Basically, this compact trainer features:

  • 20″ L x 12″ W footprint – that’s 51 cm L x 30 cm W for our European readers
  • Easy storage due to it’s small size
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Tension adjust
  • LCD screen with reporting stats (number of strides per minute, total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned)
  • Steel frame supporting up to 250 lbs (that’s 113 KG)
  • Our favorite “feature”? The Price … $169.95!

Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments.

Hit the below link to watch a movie clip with the compact trainer in action.

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Nov 072012

Ski Goggles Let's You Communicate With Your Buddies Phone

If the Oakley Airwave is’t too high tech for you, but you still want more than the classic ski goggles, try the Hammacher Voice Communicating Ski Goggles.

The Voice Communicating Goggles feature:

  • Wireless built-in intercom – so you freely speak to other skiers
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built into the frame microphone
  • Possibility to plug your preferred headphones
  • Wireless connect to your smartphone so you can enjoy music and phone calls while skiing (this is not the safest thing to do but hey … the technology id there & the decision is yours!)
  • Large control buttons so you can manage your music/call without removing your gloves
  • 100% UV mirror-coated black lenses (interchangeable orange-tinted lenses)
  • 12 hours of music or phone calls (charger included)

These winter sports goggles are also cheaper than the Oakley ones – will only set you back $299.

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Nov 012012

30 Days Reliable Light Lantern

Here, at CoolPile.com, we are big fans of always being prepared for a disaster.
Yesterday we featured hand crank emergency radio with flashlight and USB chargers. We’ll continue today with the 30 this amazing led lantern.

30 Days Light Lantern features:

  • Made of impact resistant ABS
  • Shock and water resistant
  • It features 3 LEDs of 1.4 watt each
  • Can run for up to 720 consecutive hours on the lowest setting and or 32 hours on the highest setting.
  • Battery usage – 3 D type batteries (not included)
  • Generates up to 300 lumen of bright white light on the highest setting
  • 7 1/4″ H x 4 1/3″ Diam. (1 3/4 lbs.). That’s 18cm H x 11 cm Diam (about 800 gr weight)
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Oct 312012

Emergency Radio Charger FlashLight USB Unit Smartphone

After we saw how the Sandy storm affected us, the need of preparing for such disasters is more present.
In the close future we will compile a full list for a survival kit, but for the moment let’s stick to the essentials.

Other than water and canned food, you’ll need a portable power source, a flashlight as well as a communication tool to stay updated with the news.

Hammacher Schlemmer combines both features in what they call “The Best Emergency Radio“. This radio was tested by their Institute and has some impressive stats indeed.

  • Running Duration – tested on an one minute dynamo cranking – this radio lasted 8.7 times more than lesser units
  • Large turning hand crank – requires little effort to charge the unit
  • Digital Am/FM radio tuner – gets 33% more radio stations than the analog counterparts
  • Integrated led flashlight
  • USB port for charging smartphones
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Built-in solar panel to speed up the charging
  • Measures: 5 3/4″ H x 7″ W x 2 2/3″ D (1 1/4 lbs.) – for our European customers – that’s 14.6 cm H x 17 cm W x 5.66 cm W (560 grams)

Get your for only $59.95 and be prepared for the worst.

Let me know in the comments what your survival kit includes.

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Oct 192012

Two Person Submarine - Enter the Killer Whale

The Killer Whale Submarine features:

  • 55-hp supercharged Rotax axial flow engine
  • Hydroplane speed – 50 mph
  • Submerged speed – 25 mph
  • Amazing maneuverability

We did not have the chance to test this great looking watercraft, but we like the look and the cool stunts it can pull.

The vessel is available for purchase via the below links for $100,000. Leave us a comment if you had the chance of riding this beauty!

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Oct 162012

Place Anywhere Heated Muscles Relief Wrap Upper Back

Do you have a stiff, sore muscle? How about a joint that hurts with every move?

The “Place Anywhere” cordless heated back wrap is the solution for you. It generates deep-penetrating heat that soothes muscle aches, helps improve blood circulation, and reduces swelling.

The Heated Back Wrap features:

  • Li-Io battery (~4hourse of charge generate 5 hours of usage)
  • 4 different levels of heat therapy – 95° F to 120° F (35° C to 49° C)
  • Can relax 8 muscle groupsback, neck, shoulder, elbow, abdomen, thigh, knee, or ankle.
  • Thin, mild-compression neoprene made
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