Apr 232013

Golf Personal GPS Caddy

If you like playing golf and you do it frequently, you need to stop by for a couple of minutes and take a look at the Talking Golf GPS Caddy. The system was designed to assist you by giving you useful information about your location as well as about the hole you’re playing.

Pre-loaded with a database of over 35,000 golf courses, the GPS Golf Caddy helps you on the course by giving you info about the remaining distance to the front, back or center of the green, displays the info on it’s LCD screen, can measure the length of the drives, it’s small, lightweight and can “speak” eight languages. The reported data is accurate to within 9 feet (about 2.7 meters).

What’s you take on the GPS Gold Caddy? Do you consider it’s fair to use it against your competitors while out on the green?

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Apr 182013

Air Free - The Mold And Germ Air Purifier
The “Free Airair purifier eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria, mold, viruses, pet dander, dust mite allergens, and pollen. The Free Air uses patented technology to draw impurities and germs into a ceramic chamber heated to 400ºF (that’s about 204ºC) and destroy them.

This air purifier has no filters, is silent, it remains cool to the touch even after hours of usage, does not heat the surrounding air in the room and offers a healthier breathing environment without the hassles of cleaning and changing filters as all traditional air purifiers.

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Apr 122013

Pure Star Wars Style - The R2-D2 USB Cufflinks

When it comes to style and clothing, there’s nothing more masculine than a pair of cool cufflinks.

Just as the Ravi Ratan USB links we featured a while back, the R2-D2 cufflinks not only let you tell people how much of Star Wars fan you are, but they also offer you 4GB of hidden USB storage to always have the files you need with you.

These R2-D2 cufflinks are specially licensed by Lucasfilm, are made of silver-plated enamel and come in a nice black gift box. The links are carefully crafted in white and blue to match R2-D2‘s cool design.

So, let me know in the comments … what’s the perfect piece of clothing to wear with these cufflinks?

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Apr 102013

Solar Powered Umbrella To Charge Your Devices While You'Re Enjoying Your PicNic

Solar powered charging devices pop-up like mushrooms after the rain … – also check the Window Solar Charger, the Solo iPad Case and the Solar Monkey BackPack Charger.

The latest gadget on the market featuring solar power charging is Hammacher’s Charging Market Umbrella. The Market Umbrella has four 10″ x 4 1/4″ (that’s 25cm x 11cm) solar power panels attached to it’s canopy which charge a 3.7-volt/1000mA backup battery which, at it’s turn can charge up to two USB devices simultaneously.

The table umbrella’s canopy withstands wind gusts and blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays for a UPF rating of 50+ and it’s pole is made of lightweight resistent power-coated aluminul with increased water/weather resistance. As any other market umbrella, opening and closing is managed by a smooth operating hand crank and it’s 8 feet (2.4 meters) hight makes it perfect for any picnic or backyard table.

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Apr 052013

The Hands-free BackPack Umbrella Frees Your Both Hands While Still Protecting Your From Sun and Rain

The Backpack Umbrella has a very nice concept behind it – providing your rain or sun protection while allowing you to use your both hands for other activities – also check the Mini Umbrella and the Senz Anti-Wind Umbrella.

The backpack umbrella fits a small pack that can be worn strapped to your back. Mounting the umbrella only takes a few seconds, and, once mounted, it stays on your back secured around the waist with a plastic buckle.

Perfect choice if you need both hands free while still being umbrella protected while roaming around.

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Mar 282013

Swipe Control Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Wireless headphones did not change much in shape and functionality since they were introduced on the market. One of the biggest disadvantages using wireless headphones, apart the battery life, is the blind fumbling after the buttons when you want to use a function (skip a song or turn up/down the volume, etc …). While, as time passes, you might get used with the location of the buttons, swiping your fingers around the headphones to achieve the same actions seems a lot more intuitive and less prone to errors.

The Finger Swipe Headphones allow you to use predefined movements on the external surface of the earpiece. This way, you can turn the volume up or down with a simple vertical finger swipe and advance or rewind a track with a horizontal swipe.

The headphones connect to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 via Bluetooth, feature a rechargeable battery that allows you to continuously listen to around 10 hours of music, have a built-in microphone so you can answer calls if needed, fold away for compact storage and come with an auxiliary port that allows you to use them on non-Bluetooth devices.

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Mar 202013

Have a Cold Beer and Enjoy a Nice Trip-Around On The Pedal bar

If you’re in the market for an idea to make an honest buck this summer … or should I say – If you’re looking for a cool idea on how to mix business with pleasure … or maybe – If you’d like to get back in shape while enjoying a cold beer … or even … – Anyway … all this to say that – Hammacher.com just introduced a super cool Mobile Pedal Pub!

As the name says, the Pedal Pub is an “On Wheels Pub” powered by human pedaling power (dah!!!). The vehicle accommodates up to 17 people which, apart enjoying a cold beer, also have some “on-board” duties to fulfill: ten people are pedalers, one is driving the mobile pub, one barman to serve the brew and 5 passengers (three passengers seated on the back bench and two seated at bar chairs).

The empty barrel in front of the vehicle is large enough to accommodate a brew keg which connects to a tap in the bar section. The vehicle is made of wood on high-grade steel chassis. On the entertainment side, we can’t pass-by without noticing the sound system which includes 4 speakers, AM/FM radio and a MP3 in-line – all set-up to give you the best “a-cold-beer-while-pedaling-around” experience.

So … How cool is that? Let me know your thoughts in the comments …

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[…Thanks Jason for sharing]


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