Aug 072013

Portable Chair With Pet Compartment

The Portable Chair And Pet Quarters is a great solution for people with small pets looking for outdoors tranquility.
The pet compartment measures 2 1/4′ cu and “allows a dog to stand, turn around, and lounge in comfort while five mesh windows enable optimal air circulation“.

The actual chair has a durable steel frame with a resistant 600-denier polyester and suports up to 265 lbs (120 Kg).

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May 272013

Take Payments and Charge Credit Cards With Your Smartphone While On The Go

If you’re a professional on the go (eg: doctor, vet, etc …) or you have an ambulant commerce (food delivery, amusement services for kids, etc …) and need to charge credit cards while you’re out from your office, there are mobile payment processors available for you. They all work fine, but they also have one major problem – they offer big, bulky dedicated terminals which you have to always carry with you to be able to process payments.

The Smartphone payment processor is a small terminal that hooks to your smartphone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry), tablet (iPad, Android or Blackberry) or iPod Touch via the headphone jack. Once hooked in, you download the manufacturer’s free application, log in and start charging credit cards when you need it.
The payment information is encrypted and the actual unit does not store any data making the transactions 100% secure. All major credit cards are accepted and funds received via the mobile payment system are deposited to your bank account on daily basis.

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May 092013

Stay In Shape At The Office With The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Just like the FitDesk X1, The Elliptical Machine Office Desk helps you stay in shape while getting your daily work done.

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk has an adjustable height desk which allows you to work from the elliptical machine‘s seat, from a regular seat or by standing. The elliptical machine was specifically designed to work with s low pedaling cadence so it won;t break your work concentration or cause you to sweat while working.

The elliptical fitness desk was reported to help regular users loose as much as 4,000 calories in a work week (that’s about 1 lbs of fat) … without mentioning the increased body fitness and muscle toning.

So, how do you feel about working-out during your regular work day? Would you use a such desk given your employer would provide one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments …

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May 022013

Portable Hair Rejuvenation System

Hair loss was, is and will be a constant concern of most living men.
The Hammacher.com’s Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator was designed to help you prevent hair loss and rejuvenate your hair by employing low level laser therapy (LLLT). The system provides five 20-25 minutes pre-set treatments for both women and men and was reported to have positive results in as little as 60 days.

Check the product page for more information regarding the specs and the exact features of the hair rejuvenator.

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Apr 272013

Improve Your Bed Comfort with The Eight Position Bed Lounger

Just as the Massaging Bed Rest, the Bed Lounger was designed to improve your comfort while in bed.

The Bed Lounger is made of medical grade memory foam which contours to the shape of your body (very good to relieve pressure points) and it allows 8 types of adjustments to get you comfortable. The memory foam gets to it’s initial shape once you get up.
The Bed Lounger is covered by a removable, machine-wash safe polyester cover, it’s a good fit for people up to 6’3″ tall (that’s 190 cm) and makes a great choice either you spend a lot of time in bed or simply want to use it to get comfy watching a movie before going to sleep.

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Apr 262013

Transfer Your Pictures From Your Digital Camera To A DVD Without The Use Of a PC

The Memory Card to DVD Photo Converter allows you to transfer photos from your camera and write them on a CD/DVD without passing by your PC. This makes it very valuable if you are an avid photographer or for longer trips when you want to backup your camera photos or simply make some room for new pictures.

The converter writes DVDs at a speed of 8X and CDs at 24X, has an LCD that shows it’s capacity, burn speed and other memory related info and allows the transfer of data not only from your camera to a CD/DVD but also the other way around – from a DVD/CD to a USB stick or from a master DVD to a new black one.
One nice feature that I like is that the converter is able to automatically divide files among multiple discs, so this comes in handy for maximizing the backup space if you have very large files to transfer.

On the other hand , I can not pass by without noticing that the converter needs to be plugged in to work and does not include a rechargeable battery. But, let’s see the full side of the glass and say that this was design with intention this way to keep the device’s weight as low as possible ( the converter weights only half of pound – that’s about 220 grams).

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Apr 252013

The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker

The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker is a stretching device the helps relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis. The pain relief is achieved solely by stretching, no electronics or mechanical parts are involved. The rocker is adjustable allowing you to fix it upon your exact shoe size and the V-shaped size helps stretching the toes toward the shin.

The The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker comes with an instructions manual including pictures and diagrams that detail the proper usage techniques.

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