Dec 122014

Flashlight Gloves Or How To Light Your Way Handsfree - Wind Resistant, Waterproof LED Illuminating Gloves
Either you’re walking down the street, jogging in the park, outdooring or skiing on the slopes at night, the Flashlight Gloves will help you do it safely by automatically lighting your way through the night! The light casting gloves feature integrated LED lights for hands free illumination, are powered by CR2032 batteries that provide up to 9 hours of light and are water and wind proof which makes them perfect for outdoors activities in low light conditions. The flashlight gloves are unisex and available in S, M, L, XL sizes .

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Feb 012014

Fancy Zippo Hand Warmer
Hand warmers exists since long time ago, but, other than being useful to warm your hands in the cold winter days, they were never considered a cool gadget, something you’d be proud to have in your pockets!

ALSO CHECK; Zippo Pocket Emergency Fire Starter Kit, Heated Shoe Insoles by ThermaCell and Rohan Rechargeable PowerStation Heated Gloves

Well, the wait is over! Zippo, the world’s most iconic lighter maker, finally brings you a cool hand warmer to carry in your pocket.
The hand warmer sports a rugged construction, offers 12 hours of odorless warmth on one refill and is easy to operate: simply fill the gas tank, turn it on, place it in the warmer bag that comes with the products and you’re ready to roll!
Available in Black, Silver and Real Tree designs.

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Dec 192013

U.S. Military Waterproof Gloves By SealSkinz
Having a good pair of gloves that protect you from cold and snow is a must for any winter sports lover. Another important factor when choosing a good pair of gloves is their thickness (read bulky) – you want to choose a glove which is not too thick and allows you to grab and manipulate objects with ease – also check these US Military waterproof socks, the GPS Ski Gloves and the Rohan Rechargeable Heated Gloves.

The SealSkinz waterproof gloves answer positively to all points described above. They’re not too thick, they’re waterproof and they’re rated to keep your hand warm down to temperatures as low as -30º F (that’s around -35º C).The gloves feature a three-layer build: an outer layer of nylon/lycra for durability and grip, a waterproof middle layer and a Polartec fleece inner designed to wick away moisture. The SealSkinz gloves are made in US and are used by the US Military.

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Oct 302013

Surf The Snow In Geek Style With The GPS Tracking and Navigating Ski Gloves
The GPS Tracking & Navigating Ski Gloves are designed to help you find your way while out there surfing the snow – also check the Rohan Rechargeable Heated Ski Gloves.

The gloves are weatherproof and feature a GPS tracking system which allows you to track your current position, altitude, traveled distance, duration, descent velocity and many more. They feature a little screen situated on the left hand thumb which displays all this information as well as an arrow which acts as a compass. If you take the time to set up a route the arrow on the gloves screen acts as a GPS navigation indicator and shows you the direction to the next way-point.
This can come in handy in poor visibility situations when you need to get back to the base and you want to confirm you’re on the right track!

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May 052013

Orange LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves

Night bike riding can get dangerous, especially when you want to change directions.
The classic way of changing direction when riding a bike is by signaling the change with your right or left hand. While this works well during the day time, it might become less obvious during the night.

This issue is just about to be solved by the LED Turn Signal Bike Gloves. Sold by the Japanese store DOPPELGANGER (check the English button at the top right if you want to tale a look at the product page), the led gloves allow you to easily signal any direction change during the night. The orange LEDs are incorporated on the exterior part of the glove and can be easily turned ON and OFF by a thumb button. Due to their low light consumption a pair of batteries will allow you up to 120 hours of continuous usage.

I am looking forward to hear you in the comments – how do you signal any direction change while night riding your bike?

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Dec 312012

Rohan Rechargeable PowerStation Heated Gloves

There are times when the regular winter gear will just not be enough!
As the Heated Shoe Insoles we featured in the past, the Rohan PowerStation Gloves are designed with one one thing in mind – to keep your hands warm during the lowest temperatures out-there. The gloves are made of ThermoKnit and incorporate a battery powered liner to provide the necessary heat. The liner is able to self -regulate in order to keep the inside of the gloves at a constant temperature. The rechargeable Li-Io battery has enough power to heat you an entire day.

The PowerStation Gloves are waterproof, breathable, have leather palms, feature a soft “nose wipe” section on the thumbs and they’ll be a great addition to your winter super gear.

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Dec 112012

Make Your Gloves Touchscreen Friendly With The AnyGlove Drops

Winter is all around us, which makes the smartphone handling outside a bit more difficult than usually. The regular gloves can not be used with smartphones. You can always go for a pair of Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves or a pair of E-Tip Gloves From North Face. They’re very cool, but if you’re anything like me and you loose 10 pairs of gloves during 1 winter – it might end up being a bit expensive!

On the other hand, you can make any cheap pair of gloves smartphone compatible with the Emitips. But again, what if you loose your precious pair of gloves (Emitips come in packages of 6).

No longer should you worry about this. The AnyGloves drops are here to help! Just a couple of drops of AnyDrops will transform any glove pair into a smartphone ready hand protector. It works on Fleece, Knit, Work, Running, Mountain Bike, Motorcycle, Police, Military Gloves … you name it!

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£09.50 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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