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May 132014

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Or How To Instantly Print Pictures From Your Smartphone
If instant cameras like the Polaroid Z2300 and the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 are not on your taste, but you still want/need to print pictures while on the go, you’re in the right place and we have your back covered!

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The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 was designed with mobility in mind. The smartphone printer supports Android gadgets and iPhones, comes with it’s own rechargeable battery (so no worries about draining your iPhone while out of office) and allows you to instantly (read 16 seconds) print up to 10 pictures per instant film pack. Simply shoot a picture wit your iPhone, wirelessly connect to the Instax SP-1, edit the picture if you need (custom social media and seasonal templates are available right in the printing app) and hit print! That’s it! 16 seconds latter you have a cool paper memory of the moment …

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May 072014

Stitch-less Leather Rivet Wallet by The Leather Shop
About a week ago I received my Leather Rivet Wallet from
As you already know by now, and if you don’t, you learn it now, I have a sensibility for cool wallets. I own over 15 wallets and I like to constantly change them depending on my daily activities and my mood! So, knowing the Moose Brand (the leather gear brand behind The Leather Shop) and the high quality of their work from the two items I previously reviewed (the Palm Wallet and the Rivet Card Holder), I was looking forward to receive this new model!

When I first received the Rivet Wallet, I must admit I was a bit afraid it will not provide enough interior space for the basic stuff I like to have on me on daily bases. But, after using it for a week, I must admit (again!!!) that I was wrong, and it did provide more than enough interior space, while keeping the whole package slim and almost undetectable in my pants front pocket (don’t ask me why I keep my wallets in the front pocket, it’s a long story … but basically, because someone with bad intentions has to try twice harder to steal it than from the back pockets)!

I constantly held with me 3 credit cards, 1 ID card, a couple of bills for cash purchases, 4-5 business cards and a flash storage unit (either a micro SD card in a SD adapter or a slim USB drive). The Rivet wallet handled the task very well, and was a real head turner.

On the technical side, the Rivet wallet is made of one piece of folded saddle American leather, held together by a leather strip secured with two brass rivets. There are no stitches, zippers or buttons. The used leather is from the bend of a cow hide (the bend is the most expensive part of a hide and unlike the shoulder or belly – it does not warp), is hand dyed, glazed, and edge burnished. The entire manufacturing process takes place in US with US originating materials.
The Moose Rivet wallet comes in regular saddle leather with three tones available – Natural, Yellow and Tan (the one in the pics and video below is the Tan model) and in Shell Cordovan leather (available in Black and Dark Brown). Perfect for a gift to someone close to you … or to yourself, why not!?!

Check the video and the photo gallery in the post for a full hands-on review and visit for more info and buy one.

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May 052014

JVC Kenwood HA-FX850 In-Ear Headphones
If you’re in the market for a good pair of headphones you should stop by and take a minute to check the JVC HA-FX850 In-Ear Headphones.
The HA-FX850 incorporate the best JVC has to offer for the headphones market: a wood ring absorber for high-resolution natural sound and to reduce unnecessary vibration and distortions, MMCX removable cord, 3.5mm 24 Gold plated stereo Mini plug; 16 ohms of impedance, 6-45,000 Hz frequency response, dynamic driver to easily adapt to various genres of music and at last but not least a cool look!

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While the HA-FX850‘s price tag might look a bit expensive for some folks, I find it reasonable when taking into account the whole pack of features included. You get great specs, comparable to the well-appreciated Shure SE846 and Sennheiser IE 800 at less than half price!
It’s a good day for gadget shopping!

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May 032014

iRecorder Retro Speaker for iPhone
The ThumbsUp iRecorder is a cool iPhone speaker disguised into a retro tape recorder gadget!
Perfect for anyone who misses the 90’s and not only, the iRecorder is a music box that holds your iPhone in the “tape compartment”, features a pull-out carry handle, is powered by micro USB or 3 x AA batteries, sports a 3.5mm audio jack and real working buttons: play/pause, FF, REW, volume + / –.

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Cool, isn’t it? What’s your take on iRecorder for iPhone??? Let me know in the comments bellow …

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Apr 292014

24-Karat Solid Gold iPhone 5S by Goldgenie

Now that almost everybody around has an iPhone (less the Android fans, of course), your bellowed Apple gadget is no longer a head turner as it used to be a few years ago! But, if you’re still in love with your iPhone and you would not give up iOs for anything in the world, now you can still stand apart from the pack with the Goldgenie Gold iPhone 5S Edition.

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Goldegenie’s iPhone is a luxury piece of work. Basically, what we have here is a regular iPhone 5S with solid 24-karat gold custom edges, top, bottom, and back. The luxury iPhone comes with an Cherry Oak Finished Gift Box and an authenticity certificate. Also available in Platinum and Rose Gold.

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Apr 282014

CalypsoKey Or How To Give Your iPhone NFC Door Unlocking Powers
Apple’s iPhone is a very cool smartphone, but there’s one thing that it can’t do … and NO, that’s not the Flash playing capability I am thinking about!
It’s NFC (Fear Field Communication) I am taking about! You can fix this by grabbing an NFC ready iPhone case from Calypso Crystal.

Calypso Crystal offers two handmade stylish iPhone case models – the CalypsoCase Loop and the CalypsoCase Ring – which both offer built-in dual-band RFID antennas to allow your bellowed iPhone serve as virtual wallet to store your credit cards info and let you pay wirelessly, open home doors, lock cabinets, open your garage or even share contact information with a simple tap of your smartphone. Simply tap the back of your iPhone to any NFC compatible gadget and you’ll be able to interact in predefined ways with that phone, just like with most decent Android smartphones on the market.

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Apr 282014

Military Leather Duffle Bag By Whipping PostThe Military Duffel Bag is a cool travel companion and gear carrier. Designed for short travels (think about it as a weekender type of bag), the Whipping Post duffel bag his made of high quality vegetable tanned leather, sports top-loading (are you surprised? It’s a duffel bag, isn’t it !?!) just like any regular military bag and a top handle for easy carrying when not on your shoulder.

Not more to say about it – it’s cool, well made and … I want one!

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