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Sep 232012

Heat Disappearing Dino Mug

Heat activated Disappearing Dino Mug. Simply pour any hot liquid (coffee, tea, milk) and the dino will start transforming into a dino skeleton. When the cup cools down, the “real” dino gets back 🙂

$11 | BUY NOW – US Market


Sep 222012

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Fruits

Upgrade you water bottle with the Citrus Zinger and enjoy your drinks without the cost or the calories of commercial drinks.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle Features:

  • Easy carrying handle cap
  • Easily add ice or other ingredients due to it’s wide mouth
  • EA and BPA free
  • 1-2 servings size
  • Reusable system
$15 | BUY NOW
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Sep 202012

AppSing AppToyz Portable Karaoke Overview

Karaoke Night? Count me in!!!
Now you can hook up your iPhone or Android Smartphone and use the AppSing from AppToys to host your Karaoke night!

AppToyz AppSing Features:

  • Android and iPhone compatible (case opens up to 6.5 inches)
  • Full stereo sound speaker
  • Holds phone landscape or lortrait
  • Volume control on mic and speakers
  • Microphone measures approx. 21cm x 4cm x 3cm
  • Speakers measure approx. 15cm x 16cm x 11cm
$60 | BUY NOW
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Sep 192012

FitBit Ultra Wireless Tracker Blue

Exercising gadgetry – the FitBit Ultra helps you keep track of all the fitness activity during the day.


  • 3D Motion sensor
  • Rechargeable via Desk Dock
  • Altimeter
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Android & iPhone apps
  • Free online management tools
  • Integration with other apps (RunKeeper, LoseIt, EndoMondo, Microsoft Health Vault)
$99 | BUY NOW
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Sep 182012

iPad 2, 3 & 4 Wood Case by Root

Eco-Friendly bamboo iPad 2, 3 & 4 cases.
The renewable wooden cases will offer your iPad a warm, cool look, as well as increased protection during transportation and storage.
Available in two tones – walnut and original bamboo.

$79 | BUY NOW
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