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May 222016

Exploride - All-In-One Car HUD, DashCam, WiFi HotSpot and More ...

Head-up displays are more and more common in modern cars. And for good reason! HUD‘s allow drivers to check various important info without taking their eyes off the road. It’s simple, it’s convenient and it’s the way of the future! And, at least but not last – they’re super cool!

Exploride is one of the latest HUD’s on the market! Coming from a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised over $700,000 US, Exploride is more than most classic HUD’s. Packing a quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, IR and voice sensors for hands-free controls as well as an OBD-II adapter that fits most cars on the market, the Exploride sports a wide array of features including: gesture control to take or reject calls and adjust the volume, smart Google Maps for GPS navigation, on board car diagnostics and stats, internet connectivity via the smartphone app to access Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter, Facebook and many more, Bluetooth speaker phone with clear voice and noise cancellation, built-in dashcam and many more.

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Mar 312015

Glass Smart Touch Screen Keyboard Mouse, With Touch Sensitive Key Controller And A Gesture-Controller
Spice up your typing experience with the Bastron Glass Keyboard!
This fancy ingenious keyboard has a modern design, it’s only 0.2-in 9that’s 5.2mm) thick, sports pink or blue backlight, is compatible with Windows PC, Mac and MacBook laptops, iPhone and Android devices and allows user to type text, control the mouse as well as use 15 types of gestures for quick controls!

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Dec 232014

MYO Or How To Control All Your Gadgets With Simple Hand Gestures
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control all gadgets around you by simply moving your hand and doing pre-defined hand gestures? Just think about it … gesture gaming on your TV, PowerPoint slides control with a simple hand gesture, controlling flying drones by twisting your hand, controlling your PC, tablet and phone handsfree and so much more … Sky is the limit!

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Is this a glimpse into the futuristic 22nd century gadgetry? Not at all … The MYO Gesture Control Armband is a very real gadget, it’s already in production and it will ready for shipping in the begging of 2015. The MYO Armband connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, Mac or any other Bluetooth enabled device and, by intelligently matching an ARM Cortex M4 processor with a wide series of sensors such as: medical grade stainless steel EMG sensors, a nine-axis IMU, a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer, allows you to control the connected devices by using simple hand gestures.

The MYO will set you back $199 US and is available for pre-ordering with delivery scheduled for the beginning of 2015.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Check the Thalmic Labs Myo Armband in action in the post video and let me know your thoughts about it in the comments bellow …

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Oct 172013

Kreyos Meteor - Control Your Smartphone With Your Voice And Gestures And Much More
The Kreyos Meteor is smartwatch that allows you to control your smartphone via voice and gestures. This way, you can skip to the next track, answer a phone call or check a phone alert by simply moving your hand around with pre-configured movements – also check the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the CooKoo Personal Assistant Wristwatch.

More than that, the Kreyos Meteor also doubles as fitness activity tracker and tracks your steps, jogging sessions, burned calories, your health state and allows you to share it and analyze it on your smartphone. The Meteor can connects with third party sensors and get additional information via Bluetooth or the ANT+ system to allow more detailed reporting. The cool part is that you do not need to drag your smartphone when you go jogging as the the information communication between the sensors and the meteor is done directly – also check the Fitbit activity trackers and the Basis fitness tracker.

Here are some of the Meteor technical specs: LCD Screen 144 x 168 pixel. Vibrator, Bluetooth, ANT/ANT+, +-axis accelerometer and gyrometer, water resistant buttons and speaker, 7 days usage rechargeable battery and USB interface for charging and OS updates. The Kreyos Meteor comes in a range of vibrant colors and you can choose between a lanyard, a belt clip and a watch band to help you wear it and is available to pre-order via the below links.

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Dec 192012

Make Some TV Magic - Control Your TV Set With The Magic Remote Control Wand

For all you wizards, witches, sorcerers and mages out there – here’s your chance to do some real magic!

Totally different than all the rest of the mortal remote controllers, the Magic Wand Remote Control is a learning remote controller that can learn up to 13 functions and allows you to control your TV set any anything else that works with a remote control by simply performing air gestures.

So, enough with those bulky remotes with hundreds of buttons on it. You don’t need one to turn the volume up or down, change the channel or close your TV. Do it in the Harry Potter style and see how your friends go WOW!!!

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