Aug 102013

Surface Tension -  The Arcade Table For Your Living Room

Surface Tension is the perfect replacement for your boring, classic coffee table.
The arcade and entertainment systems are hand-made, come in various wood finishes and dark glass covers and allow playing games, surfing the web, playing music, watching movies and even wireless streaming via the Sonos service.

The Surface arcade tables come in 3 configurations – Dual, Double7 and Arcane with Dual being the lower end device that allows only game playing and Arcane being the high-end system which offers all the above described features.

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Aug 022013

Assassin's Creed Facebook Like Button Mockup

The Facebook LIKE button is one of the most recognized button designs in the world.
But … did you ever think how would a LIKE button look if you were in the virtual reality of a game? For example – how would the LIKE button look in Hitman’s World, or in Crysis, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed or God of War?
Think no longer! Brazilian graphic designer Lucas Felipe took care of it for you and created LIKE buttons for the most popular games around.

Hit the jump and enjoy! Don’t forget to visit the Facebook Page OR hit the real Facebook LIKE button at the end of the article!


Jun 182013

Chameleon X-1 Gamepad Mouse - Work And Play Like A Boss

The Chameleon X-1 is an ingenious new breed of gadget that combines a PC/MAC mouse with a gamepad and wireless presenter in one device. When using the X-1 as a mouse, you get an ergonomic plug-and-play device with 7 programmable buttons and a scroll wheel perfect for usage with laptops or desktop based computers.

The device features a control button that allows easy switching between the the three modes. Once the switch is turned on gamepad, the gadget becomes a wireless game controller featuring 16 buttons and two analog sticks. As wireless presenter, the Chameleon X-1 allows you to control Microsoft’s PowerPoint to advance and return slides and operate as a PC remote with media center controller functions such play and pause, volume, track forward and back, and more. The Mouse-Gamepad-Presenter features an internal storage place for it’s nano-receiver, is powered by one AA battery, and, if you use a rechargeable battery, you can even recharge it via the included USB cable without the hassles of removing it every time you need extra power.

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May 302013

Nintendo, Super Mario Bros Women Leggins Tights
Our previous posts featuring cool women leggings were very appreciated, so we continue in the same direction with a nice collection of gaming tights – also check the X-Ray Nike tights, Star Wars leggings part 1 and part 2.

Apart being super cool, the leggings are available in sizes ranging from S to XL, are made of elastic fabric (Spandex, Decron or Polyester depending on the model, they have a stretchy waist) and come in three themes: Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Super Mario Bros (featuring Super Mario and the Starfish – which looks like a white Power Star) – use the above links for the exact product pages. The Buy Now link will bring you to the women leggings category featuring all tights on

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May 292013

Transform Your iPad Into A Cool Pinball Machine

If you liked the Ion iCade and how it transforms your iPad into a classic arcade station, you should definitively stop by for a few moments and check out the cool iPad Pinball Game Console.

Featuring a real spring-loaded launcher, side buttons to control the flippers, one or two player games, five free pinball tables (Wild West, the Deep, Snow Pinball, DaVinci and Jungle Style), Bluetooth data transmission between the pinball case and the tablet and full compatibility with all iPads, the Pinball Console a realistic playing experience for all ages.

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Apr 202013

Sega Genesis Portable - The Retro Video Games Hand Held Console

While new, modern games with fancy graphics are super cool and addictive, nothing beats retro Sega Genesis console games.
Well … your kids will give you that look, but hey … these are the games we grew up with.

The Sega Genesis Hand Held Console is roughly the size of a normal console controller, has a 2.8″ LCD, features a rechargeable battery, packs 40 classic Sega (including Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2) and Capcom (including Super Street Fighter II) games included and has a SD card slot for downloading additional games if you ever get bored with the built-in ones.

So, either you’re looking at this post because you want to re-play the games of your youth, because you want to show your kids the coolest games of your childhood, or who knows for what other reason, the portable Sega Genesis console might be the closest and cheapest retro console you’ll get around.

$45.36 | BUY NOW
Mar 292013

The Brick Joystick Attaches To Your Smartphone's Screen Allowing You To Play Smartphone Games Like A Pro

There are a ton of game controllers that make you smartphone playing experience more pleasant (check the iCade or the Moga Mobile Gaming System), but none of them is so sleek and so portable as the Brisk Joystick.

The Brick Joystick has to control modes – the Stick mode which works like a suction cup sticking the d-pad to your screen to allow you control what’s happening in the game and the Bend mode which allows you play games where “free adjustment of direction is required without the limitations of joystick being planted in one corner“.

All this being said, the Brick Joystick works on iPhone, iPad, Android or any other type of touch screen devices, providing a good maneuverability with minimal screen blocking and reduced finger fatigue due to it’s unique ergonomic design.

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