Mar 202014

Wooden Playstation 4 Cover
Here’s a cool way to integrate your fancy, new Playstation 4 with your stylish living room furniture. The Wooden Playstation Cover is made in Germany and features a two tone design including 0.7mm thin Walnut, Bamboo, Zebra and Cherry wood types to make your PS one of a kind! The cases can be purchased in a complete kit including the gaming console or individually if you already own a PS.

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Mar 062014

Check How This Guy Completed Super Mario Bros. With The Lowest Score Possible
If you ever played Super Mario Bros. (and you should have, unless you lived the last 30 years under a rock!) you must know it’s not an easy play! You have to defeat various foes, collect coins, discover secrets and beat bosses, all this by jumping around over and over again!

But how about playing the game in a different way? How about playing it to collect the less coins possible and kill no foes? This is what Youtube user NotEntirelySure did and his results are simply impressive. The first vid above shows a 600 point game play with no deaths (note that the lowest possible score is 500 points). The second video shows a 500 points game (although he lost a life at level 8-1 where you need to make it accros a very large gap without grabbing any coins).
Watch his impressive play!


Mar 052014

Batman Arkham Knight Official Game Trailer
Official trailer for the latest next-gen game in the Batman Arkham franchiseBatman: Arkham Knight.
The game will be released in 2014 (no specific date was announced) for PC, PS4 and XBox One and will walk you through a series of adventures where you, well … Batman, must protect Gotham City from hoards of villains including Harley-Quinn, Two-Face, the Penguin and many more.

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Nov 202013

Moga Ace Power Controller Aims To Transform Your iPhone Into A Gaming Machine!
The Moga Ace Power expands your iPhone gaming capabilities transforming it into a complete handheld gaming console – also check the Moga Mobile Gaming Console, the GameKlip Dual Shock Android Controller and the Brick Screen Attachable Smartphone Joystick.

The Moga Ace Power is built to be compatible with all fifth series of iPhones and iPod touches running on on iOS 7. The handheld console adapter has a retractable design which allows easy transport and storage when not in use, features a build in extended battery which doubles your iPhone’s battery life and a full kit of gaming controls including two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four action buttons and four shoulder buttons for an improved gaming experience.

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Oct 232013

Sony HMZ-T3W Wearable 3D HDTV

Sony HMZ-T3W is a head-mounted wearable HDTV with dual OLED 2D/3D displays that simulate watching a 750-inch screen from 65-feet away (that’s around 20 meters away). The headset plugs into a small box which connects to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a gaming console like Playstation or XBox via MHL or micro HDMI, features 7.1 surround sound system, a rechargeable battery with 3 hours of play time in wireless mode or 7 hours play time in HDMI mode is available for pre-order with delivery scheduled for November 2013.

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Sep 272013

MUCH i5 Quad Core 3G Games Handheld Console

Most smartphones and tablets can be used, among other purposes, to play games just as regular handheld game consoles. You can even buy special adapters like Ion iCade, Moga Mobile or the Brick Joystick that allow you to use physical controls while playing games,
But how many handheld dedicated game consoles you have seen to allow you place calls? I bet not many…

The iReadyGo Much i5 is a dedicated portable console which runs on Android and allows not only to be used as a handheld game station but also to place and receive calls and do all the other things a regular Android smartphone can do – also check the Wikipad Handheld Game Tablet and the Archos Gamepad.

The iReadyGo Much i5 features some reasonable specs, aligned with what we find in today’s top smartphones:

  • CPU: MTK6589 quad-core 1.2GHz
  • Memory: Internal 4GB ROM + 1G RAM LPDDR2
  • Storage: MicroSD(TF) support 32GB storage expand maximum
  • Display chip: PowerVR Series 544
  • 3,500 mAh polymer battery
  • 5-in IPS screen (1280*720)
  • Bluetooth, 32G, Wi-Fi, GSM, HSDPA
  • Analog thumb controller, D-Pad

The beauty of the iReadyGo Much i5 is it’s low price – it is currently selling at only $219.99 which is not bad at all for the packed processing power included.

What’s your take on the iReadyGo Much i5? Do you think the smartphone OS handheld game consoles have any future?

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Sep 262013

GameKlip Or How To Use Your DualShock Controller To Play Android Games In Style

As smartphones become more and more powerful they easily become the gaming console of choice for many people.
Various devices like Ion iCade, Moga Mobile were designed to improve the gaming experience on smartphone by allowing users to control the games via external controller with physical joystick and buttons. There’s also the Brick Joystick which is an analog joystick that attaches to your smartphone’s screen and allows you to play games like a boss!

But what if you are used to your own controller and do not want to shred too much money to enjoy physical controls for your smartphone games? Then … GameKlip might be just the right choice for you.

GameKlip is a smartphone clip that allows mounting your smartphone on a DualShock controller and use it to play the games you like. The connection between the smartphone and the controller can be wireless or by cable (check the compatibility guide here). The GameKlip is compatible with most smartphones on the market (some devices may require you to spend an additional couple of dollars for a case) and even work with Google’s Nexus 7.

What’s you favorite way of playing games on your smartphone? Are you using the touch screen controls, the tilt movements or an external controller device? let’s hear you in the comments …

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