Mar 202014

Wooden Playstation 4 Cover
Here’s a cool way to integrate your fancy, new Playstation 4 with your stylish living room furniture. The Wooden Playstation Cover is made in Germany and features a two tone design including 0.7mm thin Walnut, Bamboo, Zebra and Cherry wood types to make your PS one of a kind! The cases can be purchased in a complete kit including the gaming console or individually if you already own a PS.

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Jan 052014

BLESS?s Workbed Desk
Here’s a ice solution for those of you living in a small small place. The Workbed is designed to allow you use it as a bed during sleep hours and as a desk during work hours!

ALSO CHECK the Duffy London Swing Suspended Table and the Furniture Transformer.

Designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss and part of the BLESS’s No. 33 Artistcare collection, the Workbed switches from the bed mode to the desk mode by a simple touch of a button, while the sheets, given their special unique design, will stay attached to the underside of the table. A side shelf provides additional storage for your gear.

The Workbed was designed back in 2007. Should you be interested to buy one, please contact Bless to confirm it’s availability.

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Nov 252013

Marquis Cherry Men's Valet

The Marquis Cherry Men’s Valet is designed to help you store your personal gear while not using it. The valet features a hanger for your coat, an horizontal bar for your your pants, three top storage compartments for small gear and one drawer. The valet is made of “marquis cherry” finished wood.

While I like the idea of “one station to hold all your gear”, I am not sure how useful this is at one’s home. Personally, even if I have to wear the same business suit for two days in a row, I prefer to store it in my closet … On the other hand the men valet has a great potential for establishments renting rooms to business oriented visitors.

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Oct 082013

Amazing Italian Space Saving Furniture From Via
Well designed furniture can help you save a lot of home or office space. The attached video features some cool space saving furniture designed by the Italian manufacturer Clei.

All models featured in the video clip are available for purchase in North America on the website and in their New York (NYC), Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver showrooms.

What’s your take on space saving furniture? Do you think the saved space justifies the extra furniture costs? Let’s hear you in the comments ….

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Sep 212013

Star Trek Captain's Chair Dog Bed

You and you dog are big time trekkies?
Wait no longer and jump on the opportunity to a treat your best friend with this special dog bed designed after the Captain’s chair…

If YOUR DOG doesn’t deserve it , who does???
I know I would take one if I found it human sizes …

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Sep 052013

Improve Your Office Design With The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk
Ready to revamp your office space?
Check out the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk. The trunk is handmade of matte finish polished aluminum and decorated with intentional nicks, dings and small scratches that give it a vintage look.

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Aug 202013

Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Coffee Table

Just as the Surface Tension we featured last week, the Giant Touchscreen Coffee Table is a cool replacement for your boring dumb-coffee table.

The coffee table is made of solid wood and incorporates a fully functional 32″ screen computer protected by a water safe tempered-glass surface that can safely hold various objects (books, remote controllers, glasses and dishes). Here are some technical specs of the embedded tablet:

  • 32″ touch screen with six touch points and HD resolution (1366 x 728)
  • Anti-glare LCD screen
  • Intel Core i5 at 3.2 Ghz processor
  • 6GB RAM
  • 500 GB hard drive
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled
  • 4 USB ports, DVI, audio-out and microphone ports
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse included in the package
  • Powered by Microsoft Windows 8

So … are you ready to let go your “dumb-coffee table” and move on to a smart-one? Let’s hear you in the comments…

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