May 132013

Micro SD Plus - The 16GB CE, RoHS, and FCC Certified Frohne Card

The cool guys from Frohne just launched their newest product – The Micro SD+.
Just as their previous items (The Florida Key and the eClip), the Micro SD+ features a high quality memory conductor that is resistant to almost anything you can think of (dust, extreme temperatures, rust, shock, salt and fresh water, alcohol, scratches and even electromagnetic resistant).

Another cool thing is that Frohne continues to print on their products the 2cm ruler, which seems to become a tradition for them. The ruler can be found on Micro SD+ adapter’s left side and come in handy if you quickly need to measure a small object.

The actual micro SD card is a Class 10 with 16GB memory and is CE, RoHS, and FCC certified.

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Oct 312012

Frohne Florida Key Metric Ruler USB Drive Keychain Metalic

Past month we featured the eClip Metric Ruler USB Drive from Frohne. BTW – I updated the eClip’s price from $106 to $29.99!

We’re back with another great Frohne Product – The Florida Key Metric Ruler USB Drive. The Florida Key will be a great addition to your keychain ring allowing you to carry data with you and measure small projects.

Here are some features of the Frohne Florida Key:

  • Size: 55mm x 22mm x 2.82mm
  • Weight: 14g
  • Capacity: 4GB
  • Material: metal
  • Data Retention: 10 years
  • System Requirement: Mac or PC
  • Dust, extreme heat, rust, shock, water (salty and fresh), alcohol, scratch and electromagnetic resistant gold memory connector
  • Makes a great holiday gift!

Check more details about it and let me know in the comments what uses you see for this USB drive ruler.

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Sep 182012

eClip Paper clip USB flash drive and metric

The original Frohne eClip is the world’s first paper clip USB with a metric ruler.
Lightweight, fits on your keyring, good performance and has a ruler printed on it.
Like any USB flash drive – it works in by pluging into any of your PC’s USB ports. It also double features as a paper clip.


  • The eClip gold connector is shock resistant
  • The gold connector is scratch resistant
  • The gold connector is water resistant (salt and fresh water)
  • The gold connector is electromagnetic resistant.
  • Data encryption + password protection
  • ABS Data Retention: 10 years
  • System Requirement: Mac or PC

The eClip USB flash drive was honored the prestigious iDA 11 Award and the Golden A’ Design Award.

Update 10-31-2012 – we have a new price for the Frohne eClip – $29.99. I updated the below link to point to this new deal.

$29.99 | BUY NOW
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