Sep 142015

Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer Hangers
Here’s nice way to find some extra space to cool a couple of beverages in your overcrowded fridge!
The Bottle Loft is a strip of super strong magnets that attaches to the inside of your fridge and allows you to save space by hanging bottles with metallic caps, food cans and even larger jars. Cool, isn’t it?

Simply pull the adhesive cover on the Bottle Loft back, fix the plastic strip to the top of the fridge and you’re ready to roll! The regular Bottle Loft can hold up to 6 bottles up to 20lbs (that’s 9 KG), while the XL version has an pull strength of up to 50 lbs axial pull (22.5 KG).

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Dec 312014

Best of - 2014 Edition!

Another cool year passed by! Thank you for being a visitor. We appreciate it …
Bellow we gathered a list with the most popular post on our website for 2014. Enjoy! …more

Sep 152014

Backpack Cooler Beach Chair Or How Make Your Beach Day Even More Enjoyable
A while back we featured the LoungePac portable beach chair with fridge, umbrella, sound system and many more. The LoungePac is one of the coolest beach chairs we ever spotted!

And, if you like the concept but you want something simpler and lighter, worry not, we have your back covered as always! The Backpack Cooler Chair can be considered a stripped down version of the Loungepac.

The Backpack Cooler Chair only weights 13 lbs (that’s 5.9 KG), sports two shoulder straps that allow you to carry it as a backpack and folds to mere 10″ wide (that’s about 25cm). The chair also sports a removable cooler that attaches to the side armrest and can keep cold up to 24 cans, a 14 1/2″ x 11″ (that’s 37cm x 28cm) foldable table with built in cup holder and expandable fabric shelves, an umbrella securing loop (in case you want to use one), low sidebars to prevent sinking into sand and a handful of external pockets for storing various gadgets and gear. The beach chair‘s structure is made of lightweight powder-coated aluminum and the seat and backrest are made of strong, durable canvas with foam-padded ribs.

What’s your take on the Backpack Cooler Chair? Let’s hear you in the comments bellow …

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Aug 292013

Star Wars Han Solo Refrigerator

The Han Solo frozen in carbonite fridge is a concept created by artist Quentin Devine for the “Fridges” challenge on The mockup catches the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back scene where Han Solo is sealed in carbonite and redyed to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt.

Unfortunately, the design is only a Photoshop detailed image, but he have hopes some sticker manufacturer will pick it and make it available as a fridge decal … Or, why not? Some refrigerator company to put it in production for all Star Wars fans out there!!!

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Mar 282013

The Fridge-Safe Allows You To Securely Store Stuff In The Fridge
There are some times when you need to store stuff in the fridge but also make sure other people do not have access to it.
Some of examples might be storing pills or alcoholic beverages or and making sure your kids don’t have access to them, or storing valuable food items in shared households.

The Fridge-Safe is what you need for those times. The Fridge-Sage comes in two sizes: Medium (200x150x200mm) and Large (280x330x230mm), is made of Polycarbonate/ABS, is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and it features a lock system that allows you to keep your stuff safe, preventing unwanted access.

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