Jan 092014

Hobbit Furry Plush Slippers
In love with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit? Now it’s the right time you start building your Hobbit outfit, gather the dwarfs and hit the road to the Lonely Mountain (read kitchen) to reclaim it (read grab a coffee) from Smaug (read coffee machine).

SEE ALSO – the Zombie Slippers – Your Graveyard Fresh Looking Comfy Home Sandals and the Stay Warm With The Homer Simpson Slippers.

The Furry Adventure Slippers are made of warm, comfortable plush and, to make you look like a real Hobbit, feature an ultra-hairy upper side, you know … like a real Hobbit!

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Dec 282013

Zombie Slippers - Your Graveyard Fresh Looking Comfy Home Sandals
Now it’s your time to become Walking Dead – also check the Cool Zombie Head Mugs and the Zombie Survival Crate we wrote about earlier!
The Zombie Home Sandals are realistically built to look as rotting flesh, only worse! These epic kicks feature plastic zombie toes, green, rotten cracked skin and gnarled toe nails! Amazingly scary …

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Dec 162013

Follow Me - Bring Beer Flip Flops By FlipSidez
Here’s a cool way to get a couple of free beers on the beach. Don’t get me wrong … buying Follow Me Bring Beer sandals doesn’t mean free beer anytime you visit the beach!!! But who knows, maybe someone takes for serious your sand message trail and follows you with a cool six pack of beer! – also check the Portable Chair With Pet Compartment and the LoungePac – The Portable Beach Chair.

Available in a range of sizes for man (black) and woman (pink) so everyone can hope to enjoy some free beer magic!

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Dec 132013

Converse Chuck Taylor Hollis Thinsulate Boot - Gray Winter Sneaker Boots
Available in two colors – Gray and Brown, the Chuck Taylor Hollis Thinsulate Boots, are a cool winter alternative for sneaker lovers – also check the Converse Chuck Taylor Glow-In-The-Night and the Converse C. Taylor DC Comics Edition.

The sneakers feature Thinsulate insulated lining to help you endure the cold temperatures, rugged sole with saw tooth design for improved traction on snow and ice, rubber mid-sole, crinkled leather upper with the Converse logo embossed on the outer side of the boot and a cushioned footbed to provide increased foot comfort.

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Nov 232013

Foldable Brown Men Boulder Boots

The Lems Men Boulder Boots are designed to offer you a a great outdoors walking experience and easy transportation – also check the Timberland Foldable Men’s Radler Trail Camper we featured earlier.

The boots are ultra-light (under 10-oz – that’s under 285 grams), the upper is made of 40% Water-resistant nylon + 60% full-grain leather, they feature air-infused rubber flat-bed out-sole and 100% cotton interior lining. The boots offer a true barefoot-like walking experience.

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Nov 182013

Chelsea Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood
Nicholas Kirkwood‘s Chelsea Boots are made of high quality matte and shinny black leather. The boots are made in Italy, feature a round toe design, elasticized side gussets with a white stripe at welt and leather upper and out-sole – also check these cool Christian Louboutin’s Jesse Boots.

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Oct 192013

Stay Warm With The Homer Simpson Slippers
They always said Homer Simpson had a big mouth …
And this is so true and … also applicable to the Homer Simpson Slippers.

The slippers are soft, plushy and they get a whopping 5 stars (out of 5 stars possible) customer rating on amazon!

$22.99 | BUY NOW


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