Sep 142015

Bottle Loft Magnetic Beer Hangers
Here’s nice way to find some extra space to cool a couple of beverages in your overcrowded fridge!
The Bottle Loft is a strip of super strong magnets that attaches to the inside of your fridge and allows you to save space by hanging bottles with metallic caps, food cans and even larger jars. Cool, isn’t it?

Simply pull the adhesive cover on the Bottle Loft back, fix the plastic strip to the top of the fridge and you’re ready to roll! The regular Bottle Loft can hold up to 6 bottles up to 20lbs (that’s 9 KG), while the XL version has an pull strength of up to 50 lbs axial pull (22.5 KG).

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Mar 202015

Kitchen Safe - Time Locking Container
Either you want to keep your kids away from sweeties, quit smoking, block access to your iPhone or gamepad for a limited time, the Kitchen Safe is just the perfect way to do it!

Designed for those having a hard time disciplining themselves in the kitchen (and not only) the Kitchen Safe is the world’s first time-lock container for food, toys or any other gadgets you want to stay away from. So, how does it work? Simply open the lid, place the items you want to limit the access to inside the container, close the lid, set the timer for the period you want to block all access and hit the start button! That’s it! For a limited time no one can access the contents of the Kitchen Safe!

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The Kitchen Safe is made of BPA-free plastic, measures 6.25″ Width x 6.25″ Length x 7.5″ Height (that’s around 16 cm Width x 16 cm Length x 19 cm Height), sports rigid walls 3X thicker than typical containers and features quality locking mechanism powered by 2 x AA batteries which provide a battery life of around 6 months under normal usage conditions.

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Jul 212014

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator - Cooking 2.0
We all heard about Web 2.0, Social Media 2.0, Fitness 2.0 and so on…! Just about anything that gets the cool touch of technology can be deemed 2.0!
But Cooking 2.0? Yeap, why not?

The Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is the technology boost that will bring your old cooking pot into the modern world! Here’s how it works (note how simple it is!!!): 1) Attach the Immersion Circulator to your cooking pot and set the cooking time and temperature; 2) Put the food (meat, vegetables, even fruits) in a ziplock bag and immerse it in the cooking pot filled with water.

That’s it! It’s as simple as it can get. Of course, once your food is cooked, you can sear it, grill it or broil it for a few minutes if you want to give it a personal touch. You can, but you don’t have to!

Check the video for a full walk-through of the process and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mar 042014

Cooking for Geeks - Real Science, Great Hacks, And Good Food By Jeff Potter
If you’re surfing, it’s because you have something geeky in you! And if you do so, the “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” by Jeff Potter should be your Holly Cooking Book!

The “Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” is published by O’Reilly, comes in Kindle and paperback versions and was described by The Washington Post as: “One of the most useful books on understanding cooking, kind of like a rock-and-roll version of Harold McGee’s “On Food and Cooking.” What’s your take on it? let me know in the comments below ….

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Feb 282014

HotLogic Mini Portable Oven Or How To Cook Hot Meals While On The Go
Always being on the road is not easy to handle! Either you do it for fun or for because your job requires it, you need to prepare with proper gear to assure a minimum comfort. And … there’s always the zombie apocalypse you need to get ready for, isn’t it?

Now that you’ve covered sleeping and personal hygiene with the Gogo Elite by Nemo – The 15 Seconds Setup Inflatable Tent For 1 Person, the Spark Spi Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag and the Road Shower – The Rack Mounted Solar Shower With Pressurized Hot Water it’s time we complete your Road Warrior arsenal with some cooking gear!

The HotLogic Mini Personal Oven is designed to help you reheat, cook frozen meals and fresh plates while roaming away from your home. The oven is fully automatic, works on 110v standard US electricity (you can easily adapt it to 220V if you live in Europe via cheap Amazon voltage converters) and is suitable for plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil, and even cardboard containers. The oven’s maximum plate temperature is 200F with an average temperature of 180F and it features a heat reflective interior which amplifies/maintains heat for up to 12 hours.

No electricity where’s your roaming? No problem … Just grab a 12V power inverter and your ready to roll and heat your meals using your car’s 12V power port.

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Jan 142014

Choc Edge 3D Printer Or How To Print 3D Edible Chocolate Objects
3D printing chocolate sculptures? How cool is that? Cool enough to make me want one!!!

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UK’s Choc Edge is one latest food 3D printers that hit the market. The printer works just like any other 3D printer by making multiple layers of chocolate until the desired shape is completed. You can 3D print patters, sculptures, objects forms, names and chocolate text massages … sky is the limit! simply feed the plan into the printer, allow it melt the chocolate required for the selected shape and watch the magic happen (check the vid for a real life printing example).

While cool enough to make me want one in my kitchen, the $4750 US price tag makes the 3D Chocolate Printer more targeted business owners in the sweets niche. I am looking forward to the day when I’ll walk to Walmart and buy one of these as simple as I can buy a toaster today!

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Jan 112014

Know Your Enemy - This Is How Your Brain Reacts To Sugar Intake
For many of us (please note that usage of “us” rather than “you”!) it’s time to hit the gym again to loose those extra pounds gained during the winter holidays! And, as we’re heading to a cruel battle against the evil forces of carbs, what better start to organize our strategy than studying our enemy!

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Lucky for us Dr. Nicole Avena who is an US “research neuroscientist, author and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction” is here to be a trusted ally! Check out her cool video where she breaks down how sugar intake is processed by our brains and how it affects our entire body.

And now, that you know about it, stop complaining, hit the gym and JUST DO IT (thanks Nike for this great motto!!!)



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