Nov 262013

43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere

There are many ways to justify sneaking booze into a place. Some will say it’s cheaper, others will say it’s more convenient as they don’t have to stay in line to buy a drink and some will even say they do not like the existing selection and they prefer to bring their’s.
My objective is not to argue about the validity of all these reasons, but to show you 42 cool ways you can conceal your drink and smuggle into the cinema, football game, at the pub, even on a cruise ship or in whatever place you’d like to do so.

Also check the 33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine cool round up I featured earlier.

Small disclaimer – Use your due diligence. Keep in mind that in some places booze smuggling is illegal and you will support the consequences if you are caught doing so. Research local laws before passing to action and, most important of all, remember that alcohol should be used and consumed in a responsible manner only by individuals who are of legal drinking age.

Before going further and diving into the 42 cool hidden flasks I gathered for you – take a moment and check Seth Lieber‘s comprehensive B.Y.O.B. – How to Sneak Alcohol Onto a Cruise Ship and other ways of reducing your bar tab.


Oct 142013

1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask By Maxam

Either you’re into booze sneaking flask like the Wallet Flask and the iFlask iPhone Disguised Flask, cool utilitarian flasks as the Built-In Shot Glass Flask or the Cigar Holder Hip Flask or any other kind of flasks you need to make yourself a favor and stop by to check out the 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask.
While there’s not much to say about it, I can mention it carries 1 gallon of your favorite booze (that’s about 3.7 liters), it has an brushed exterior finish and I can assure you that it will not let you down next time you’re throwing a party!

$23.98 | BUY NOW


Aug 052013

Bev-Cam - The 5 oz Realistic Camera Flask

Just as the Wallet Flask, the WineRack, the BeerBelly or the Flask Tie, the Bev-Cam was designed with only one purpose in mind – to sneak booze in places were you’re not allowed to!!!

The Bev-Cam has the realistic design of a photo camera, is made of quality plastic and can hold up to 5 oz (close to 150 ml) of your favorite drink. I wish the inner recipient had a longer dripping pipe so you can take a sip straight from the flask. Buy hey … you’ can’t get everything you want for $15!!!

$14.97 | BUY NOW – US Market
£08.49 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Aug 032013

2 oz. Wallet Flask

There are many things you can carry in your wallet, things like a folding knife, a razor shaver, an USB cable or even a spare battery for your smartphone, but none of them gets as cool as what follows!!!

The 2 oz. Flask Wallet is made of cowhide plain leather, features 4 slots for credit and ID cards and, hold your breath, … it allows you to hide a 2 ounces stainless steel flask with your favorite booze under a specially designed flap leather cover.

While the Stainless Steel Flask In Black Leather Wallet would probably not help you sneak booze in places where you’re not allowed to (for this check out our special Booze Sneaking category items), it still does a great job allowing you to have a quick Jack Daniels sip available at any time!

$32.97 | BUY NOW


Feb 262013

DrinkMaster Hoodie - Bottle Opener, Flask pocket, ID Pocket

Drinking booze is something human kind does from it’s early beginnings. We always advise people not do drink and drive and only consume alcohol with moderation – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not be well equipped when you do it!!!

So – first – check our “Sneaking Booze Where You’re Not Allowed To” category, then let’s pass to some more serious equipment – The DrinkMaster Hoodie.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the DrinkMaster Hoodie is not only addressed to Master Drinkers, but rather to the every day guy looking to improve his drinking experience!
The hoodie is made of warm high quality cotton, it features a linen hood and it incorporates:

  • Bottle opener zipper
  • Neoprene lined Koozie pocket
  • Drinkings gloves with non-slip grip
  • Flask pocket
  • ID pocket – you know, for those times you need to remember your address
  • Deep side pockets
  • Reflective pleepleus logos
  • The DrinkMaster Hoodie is available in all sizes from S to 3XL
$59.99 | BUY NOW
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Jan 282013

The Cigar Holder Hip Flask Lets You Celebrate Wherever You Are
Booze goes well with cigars! Everyone knows that!
As booze goes well with cigars, a booze flask should go well with a cigar holder!

This great gift box features a cigar holder incorporated into a regular hip flask. The flask is 7x3x1/2 in (17x4x1.2 cm), has a booze capacity of 4oz (120 ml, can safely carry two regular cigars (46) 7″ (17 cm) long and can be engraved upon your preference.

$28.99 | BUY NOW


Jan 212013

Star Wars R2-D2 6oz Flask

Here you go Star Wars Fans … get your own R2-D2 Flask!
The R2-D2 themed hip flask features high quality hand wrapped waterproof vinyl design on both front and back and can hold up to 6oz of your favorite booze.

Not much more to say about it – C3PO explained it very well to Luke“Excuse me sir, but that R2-D2 is in prime condition, a real bargain”!

$16.99 | BUY NOW
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