Feb 202016

Crazy Supercar Crashes

It’s well known that money won’t buy happiness! But it surely brings adrenaline and craziness!
Hit the break to check out these super car crashes … Hopefully, very few of the drivers were injured …


Oct 312014

Ferrari Carbon Fibre Chess Set - Code 10524
Ferrari is well known for manufacturing some of the fastest cars in the world! But not many people out-there know Ferrari also manufactures a lot of other luxury gear such as clothing, accessories, watches and other collectibles!

ALSO CHECK the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set we featured earlier.

The Ferrari Carbon Fibre Chess & Draughts Set is a gorgeous board game box made by the Maranello based automaker, Ferrari! The playing pieces are hand made from red and black varnished carbon fiber covered wood, the box is personalized with enameled metal Ferrari shield on the front, the chess board squares are made of fiber glass and carbon fiber, the set sports individual storage compartments for all pieces and a red/black checkers set is included for when you get tired of protecting your king! Cool, isn’t it?

$2,050 | BUY NOW
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Jul 122014

Ferrari LaFerrari XX - So Powerful It Breaks Itself!!!
Be afraid. Ferrari is working on the most extreme production-derived car in its history: a hardcore, track-spec version of the heart-poundingly fast LaFerrari, dubbed the ‘XX’.

When BBC’s Top Gear presents a super car as they did above, there must be some serious things going on!
The XX version of the “already-too-powerfull” LaFerrari model of the Maranello squad is deemed to be the fastest car money can buy! The XX model will be available somewhere in January/February 2015 and will be powered by a Formula One-derived V6 turbo hybrid powertrain. The “regular” (read the $1.75 million) LaFerrari is powered by a V12 6.3-liter beast that outputs 789bhp and can reach 60mph (0 to 100KMH) in 2.9 seconds!!!
Imagine what the XX version will be capable of!

Check the video for a full demo of the Laferrari XX on the track. Make sure you put your headphones and turn the volume up! The sound is epic!
Also pay attention at 2:20 min … Don’t worry – the car will not break apart! The Laferrari’s right rear wheel gets some serious positive camber and leaves the impression it will fall out …



Dec 072013

Wazuma V8F - The BMW M3 Transmission And Ferrari V8 Engine Powered Quad Bike

Live your life in the fast lane with the 256bhp Ferrari V8 engine powered Wazuma B8F Quad Bike – also check the Mercedes-Benz G-Class G500 Pickup Truck and the Type 9 Motorcycle From Zero Engineering we featured earlier.

Designed by the French custom car and moto maker Lazareth, the Wazuma V8F is based on an “atypical 3 wheels geometry (2 largely spaced front wheels and 2 attached rear wheels)” which gives the quad bike a badass look while maximizing it’s performance to insane numbers!
The 1433-lbs quad bike (that’s 650 KG) is powered by a V8 Ferrari engine mated to a BMW M3 6 speeds sequential transmission controlled from the handlebar which gives the Wazuma V8F a top speed of around 200 mph (that’s around 322km/h)!

Let’s hear you int he comments. What’s your take on the Wazuma V8F?

$250,000 | BUY NOW
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Nov 082013

How Not Owning A Ferrari Impacts Your Social Life

This is a cool social experiment (read prank) did by the guys from TrueStoryASA – also check the Heat Sensitive Painted Nissan Skyline R33 GTR.

They used a 2013 red Ferrari 458 to pick up ladies on the street. And guess what … it worked! Check the video to see how the gals felt for the supercar regardless the looks of the guy or the pick up line used. One gold digger even dumped her boyfriend for a Ferrari ride …

Jan 072013

Police Super Cars

With regular cars getting more and more powerful, law enforcement teams need to keep the pace with the technology.
Think about Germany with their “No Speed Limit Highways”. Would a regular police car be able to chase down a super car?

Here you have a couple of the the most popular super cars int he world that are serving in law enforcement teams. Some of them are mockups (I can’t really imagine a Police Department driving a Bugatti Veyron) – but, hey … they’re still neat and cool to check…

As the reason of this article is to list 10 police super cars and not to start a debate on the best beast out-there, they’re ordered alphabetically, without any regards to performance, looks, manufacturers or prices.



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