Jan 282014

PoweriSite Or How To Charge Your Smartphone With Your Power Tools
Sometimes, the best solutions are hacks of tools, stuff and gear your already own!

While you could buy a dedicated external battery to power your gear while on the go (something like the PowerFlask and 14,000mAh PowerPak Ultra) why not take advantage of the one sitting in your tool box? Most of us already own one or more power tools that come with powerful rechargeable batteries which can be used to charge smartphones and tablets when needed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you replace that sleek USB charging unit in your business case, I am just saying that, with a little hack, you can you benefit of the extended juice of the power tools you already own.

Enter the PoweriSite – for a reasonable $17.95 you get a dual USB adapter which hooks to high capacity Dewalt (14-18volt) batteries and charges any USB gadget. PoweriSite uses the available voltage in your power tool battery. For example – a high capacity tool battery can charge your iPhone 4 up to 8 times with up to 3.1 amps of power.

While this solution is a bit bulky for day-to-day usage, given the high capacity of the power tools batteries, I see a lot of potential for outdoors usage such as camping, hiking as well as phone charging in remote areas with no regular access to electrical power.

PoweriSite comes after a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter and is available for pre-order with delivery scheduled for March 2014.

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Jan 042014

PowerPak Ultra - The 14,000mAh Portable Dual USB External Battery For Smartphones And Tablets By New Trent
The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is the ultimate power station to bring with you in your outdoors trips!
While there are many other power stations available on the market (check the 13,000mAh PowerFGlask, the New Trent PowerPak+ With 13,500mAh and the 5,200mAh AviiQ Portable Charging Station we featured earlier) the New Trent PowerPak Ultra stands apart from the competition by the quality build and the weather proof capabilities. Once the plugs are covered with their corresponding caps, the unit becomes as waterproof and dust proof as it can get!

The power station features a 14,000mAh internal rechargeable battery and 2x5V plugs, one plug for tablets (powered with 2A) and one for smartphones (1A power). If you’re not sure what 14,000mAh means and how much power you get from it – just know that the iPhone 5 battery has a capacity of 1,440mAh, so the New Trent PowerPak Ultra will be able to charge it for around 10 times on one full charge!

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Nov 202013

Moga Ace Power Controller Aims To Transform Your iPhone Into A Gaming Machine!
The Moga Ace Power expands your iPhone gaming capabilities transforming it into a complete handheld gaming console – also check the Moga Mobile Gaming Console, the GameKlip Dual Shock Android Controller and the Brick Screen Attachable Smartphone Joystick.

The Moga Ace Power is built to be compatible with all fifth series of iPhones and iPod touches running on on iOS 7. The handheld console adapter has a retractable design which allows easy transport and storage when not in use, features a build in extended battery which doubles your iPhone’s battery life and a full kit of gaming controls including two analog sticks, a D-Pad, four action buttons and four shoulder buttons for an improved gaming experience.

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Nov 042013

Birksun Solar Powered Backpack Gadget USB Charger
Today’s gadgetry is power hungry! Try to use your smartphone for a couple of hours, check the battery icon and you’ll see what I mean. Try game playing or video watching and you’ll surely need a charger in even less than that. Things are OK when you’re at home or on the road. you simply hook up the USB cable and the charging processing starts! But what if you’re out-there and you need to charge the device? External power packs like PowerFlask or the Trent NT120T might be of help, but what if you’re outdoring and there’s no electricity around to power the battery and the power pack?

Enter the Birksun Solar Powered Battery Charger Backpack! The backpack feature a 2,400mAh solar charged battery pack which allows charging your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. While 2,400mAh might not sound like lot of power (especially for a laptop), the extended battery pack is able to give a full battery charge to most smartphones out there (including iPhone and top Android smartphones as the Galaxy S series from Samsung) – also check the SunnyBag – The Solar Charger Messenger Bag.

The extended battery is fully charged by sun in about 6 hours or it needs about 4 hours for a full charge when hooked at an electrical plug. 45 minutes of sunshine only can power tour smartphone for about 1 hour talk time.

How do you manage your phone’s battery life to make sure you always have enough power for your needs? Let me know in the comments …

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Oct 212013

Swipe Activated Smartphone USB Charge Unit
The Touch-Swipe USB Charge Unit for smartphones and tablets features an internal 3.7V 5,000mAh rechargeable battery, a USB plug, led battery xcharge indicator and a swipe activated charging sensor. While there are many extended battery smartphone chargers available on the market (ex: the TsirTech Wrist Band Charger, the iPhone 5 Magnetic Battery Cover and the WiFlux Wallet Sized Wireless Smartphone Charger) the Touch Swipe charger unit stands apart from crowd by it’s cool Apple-like design finished in chrome and aluminum.

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Sep 252013

Stun Gun iPhone 4-4S Case by Yellow Jacket Cases
Your personal safety and your family’s is something you should always keep in mind.

Just as the Pepper Spray iPhone Case we featured a while back, the Yellow jacket Stun Gun iPhone case upgrades your ordinary iPhone protection with personal safety features.

The case is made of PC and ABS and features an extended battery designed to be used by the stunt gun, but also charge your iPhone if needed. The stun gun sports sharp electrodes designed to penetrate clothing for maximum effect and it is activated by a two-step safety feature to prevent accidental discharges.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Case is available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (the guys from Yellow Jacket are working hard to cover more smartphone models) in 5 colors (black, white, pink, yellow and red) and will set you back a hefty $139.99. But hey, personal safety has no price and, given you never forget your iPhone at home, always having a stun gun with you should bring some piece of mind in this rough times.

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Sep 132013

Phone Blocks - The Lego Modular Smartphone System That Allows You Easy Upgrades and Repairs

Phone Blocks is a modular smartphone system that allows unlimited personalization, easy repairs and quick upgrades – also check the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 and the Obento Note – two other cool modular concept gadgets.
It’s creator, Dave Hakkens, designed the Phone Blocks based on the Lego principle – a main board full of connection plugs allows combining different pre-made pieces and building a smartphone completely personalized. Here are some examples of what you can pull with Phone Blocks:

  • You’re into photography? Grab a powerful camera module, extended battery and some extra storage and you’re set for a nice photo session…
  • You need more power? Get a more powerful processor, more RAM and more storage
  • Simple needs? Drop all the gadgets and go for a long battery life …

Other cool applications of the Phone Blocks system are easy upgrades that allow your smartphone to keep up with the ever changing technology and easy repairs – which allow you to only change the module which broke (the common screen cracks fall into this last category).

Phone Blocks will be accompanied by Blockstore, which wants to be a block market just as most today’s app stores, that will allow various manufacturers to build specific phone modules for upgrades and repairs.

The Phone Blocks is in project mode. It’s developer is working on getting as much attention as possible. If you like the idea, simply share it further to raise awareness or help him directly via his Thunderclap project page …

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