Apr 042013

The EG-ErgoArm Helps You Keep An Ergonomic Position While Working On Your Computer

Working all day long at your desk, typing on your keyboard and using your mouse for your entire daily shift can have serious consequences on your health. Hopefully, a couple of ergonomic adjustments of your office equipments can seriously decrease the risk of injury.

While adjusting your office gear for best ergonomic compliance will solve most of the issues, sometimes, you just don’t have the right set up (think how many times you had to work at a small desk which didn’t offer you enough space).

For those times when your working space does not allow you to fully set up an ergonomic work environment, you should check the EG-ErgoArm.

The EG-ErgoArm is an external office addon advertised as being “designed to reduce aches and pains such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist, arm, shoulder and neck areas cause by long-term use of computer and other repetitive movements”.

Basically, we’re speaking about an adjustable armrest that sustains your mouse handling hand and effectively relieves up to 90% of the weight undertaken by your wrists. The ArmRest comes with a padded arm, built in mouse pad and it’s adjustable in three pivot points and hinges.

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Apr 022013

Twelve South 12-1222  Hi-Rise Adjustable MacBook Stand

Twelve South is a high quality Apple accessory manufacturer. They are known for the BookBook series of iPhone wallets and high quality Mac Book Pro cases.

Their Hi-Rise Adjustable Stand For MacBook features the same high quality and reasonable price pattern that made the Twelve South brand famous.

The Hi-Rise MacBook Stand has incorporated a piston that allows you to easily adjust the height of the laptop’s screen up to 6in until you get a perfect ergonomic working position. The stand fits 11in (Air) to 15in (Pro) MacBooks, sports 2 non-slip arms which allow a good laptop cooling and air circulation, is made from aluminum to maintain a sturdy stance and low weight while the bottom of the stand is coated with Teflon to protect the desk surface.

The HiRise adjustable stand is a nice, classic looking addition for any Apple fan’s office.

$69.95 | BUY NOW – US Market
£59.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Mar 292013

The Brick Joystick Attaches To Your Smartphone's Screen Allowing You To Play Smartphone Games Like A Pro

There are a ton of game controllers that make you smartphone playing experience more pleasant (check the iCade or the Moga Mobile Gaming System), but none of them is so sleek and so portable as the Brisk Joystick.

The Brick Joystick has to control modes – the Stick mode which works like a suction cup sticking the d-pad to your screen to allow you control what’s happening in the game and the Bend mode which allows you play games where “free adjustment of direction is required without the limitations of joystick being planted in one corner“.

All this being said, the Brick Joystick works on iPhone, iPad, Android or any other type of touch screen devices, providing a good maneuverability with minimal screen blocking and reduced finger fatigue due to it’s unique ergonomic design.

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Dec 122012

Twin Touch Ergonomic Backpack By Isar Rucksack Front

Cote&Ciel offers this ergonomic backpack targeted to the entrepreneurs and business men on the move. The Isar Rucksack comes in 5 color tones and it features a multifunctional intelligent design with a laptop dedicated pocket (can accommodate any laptop with sizes up to 13′-15″) as well as a spacious main compartment for the rest of your gear.

Apart the high quality build of this Isar backpack, we also like it’s classy look given by the range of materials used to build it.

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Dec 052012

Pelican U140 Elite - The Backpack That Protects Your Tablet, Ultrabook and DSLR Front

High quality backpack for the urban traveler, the Pelican U140 offers your gadgets (tablet, ultrabook, DSLR) special protection due to it’s special built compartments and materials used.
Slightly bigger than the Revolver-8 PL Camera Backpack, the Elite U140 also offers extra protection to your gear.

Here are some features of the Pelican backpack:

  • Rugged ABS protected, watertight and crashproof compartment for tablet, laptop or ultrabook.
  • Alternative hard shell front tablet pocket
  • Wide, adjustable back straps
  • Ergonomically S-curved back panel
  • Padded lumbar area DSLR specifically designed area

Hit the jump below to check all this backpack’s features and how it can help you keep all those precious gadgets safe while roaming the town!

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Nov 192012

TelePen Keychain Mini Telescopic Pen Details

If you’re anything like us, you like to use ,your cell phone for almost everything you do during the day – GPS navigation, MP3 player, movies, quick notes, ebook reader … etc.

While this is great, there are some times when you can’t simply you your cell phone to do everything (thing about signing a bill or about jotting something quickly WHILE you’re on the phone). We’re not saying it is impossible to be done – it’s just that from time to time, it’s more comfortable to use the classic pen & paper method.

For those situations, we have the TelePen Keychain Mini Telescopic Pen:

  • Telescopic Pen
  • Can be hooked to your keys and act as a keychain
  • 2″ closed (5cm); 4.65″ opened (11.5cm)
  • Ergonomic Ball-point
  • 3 refills included
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Oct 082012

Ergonomic Bed Laptop Stand Red

Do you like working from home? Even more … how about working from your bed? Than this ergonomic bed laptop stand is your perfect office!!!

There are many bed laptop stands out there, but what sets this one apart is the quality build, the mouse pad holder and the coffee cup holder!

$73.99 | BUY NOW – US Market
£51.42 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


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