Apr 012015

MoodINQ With Tattoo Wand Or How To Change Your Tattoo For Every Situation
For most people out-there tattoos are either permanent (the ones that need a special intervention to be removed) or temporary (the ones that fade away and disappear in time). Of course, there are also the sticky ones kids play with in the summer, but I guess those can’t be counted as tattoos! But how about permanent tattoos that you can change and re-write in seconds anytime you like? Just imagine the possibilities: hook up that huge spider on your shoulder when going to the beach, a nice ink bracelet when going to a party, a little love heart when meeting your lover and so on …

How is this possible? Meet MoodINQ, the programmable tattoo! The MoodINQ is a tattoo system that uses skin-safe E-ink pigments that can be configured to display any design or message. The E-Ink system grid, which is also called a canvas, is implanted by specialized physicians and lasts a life time. Once the canvas is implanted, you choose your tattoo from the internal 100,000 tattoos data base and simply apply it with the Tattoo Wand. Personal pictures or messages can also be uploaded via a PC soft, adjusted on your computer and applied on your skid with the Wand.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments bellow!

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Mar 212015

Volvorii Timeless E-Ink Smart High Heels!
Make sure your shoes always match your outfit with the Volvorii Timeless Smart Shoes!
The Volvorii Timeless heels are available in black and white tones, sport a modern streamline design with front and back fastener anchors for additional accessories. The smart shoes feature an embedded flexible electronic paper display, a wireless rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity and allow you to choose the outer pattern of the shoes via free iPhone and Android apps.

ALSO CHECK the Hakes Mojito – The Different Shoe Design and the GPS Shoes by Dominic Wilcox.

The Volvorii Timeless smart shoes are in project mode at Indiegogo and you can secure a pair for an early bird price of $249 – delivery scheduled for December 2015.

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Mar 032014

Oaxis InkCase - The iPhone 5 Case With ePaper Screen
Do you like the idea of having a low energy, e-Ink secondary screen on your smartphone, but you’re too much in love with your iPhone to dump it and get the YotaPhone we featured earlier???
The Oaxis InkCase is what you need! This iPhone 5/5S case (also available for Galaxy Note II) features a secondary screen designed to display notifications and reminders, serve as e-Ink reader for your books and articles, act as picture slideshow, while protecting your iPhone just like any other case on the market. The InkCase connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth with low power consumption and allows the secondary screen content management via a dedicated proprietary application available for free – also check the PopSlate another cool e-Ink iPhone Case, not yet on the market, but available for pre-order.

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Feb 252014

YotaPhone - The Dual Screen Android Russian Smartphone At It's Second Generation
Remember the YotaPhone? The dual screen Russian smartphone developed by the guys over at Yota Devices?
The second generation of this cool smartphone was just announced. We’re still speaking about a dual screen layout including a 5″ front HD LCD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and a back 4.7″ EPD (Electronic Paper Display) or E-Ink screen sporting a 960×540-pixel resolution. The E-Ink screen was updated with full touch functionality and most smartphone functions can be used without having to turn on the main display. The new model of YotaPhone features improved specs over the first model – an OLED 442 PPI front display with 1080p resolution for a full smartphone experience, quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm processor and 2GB RAM will allow increased performance with most games and apps out there, 32GB of on-board storage, 8MP back camera, all connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, wireless charging and a 2,500mAh battery to power the system.

While 2,500 mAh doesn’t seem much power for today’s smartphones, the YotaPhone comes with an power-saving mode that completely turns off the AMOLED screen and keeps the back EDP screen going, easily giving you a few extra hours of usage out of an almost finished battery. YotaDevices did not release exact info about battery life, so we’re looking forward to these stats. They can be a total game changer!

The YotaSmartphone will be available towards the end of 2014 and will have a price tag of around $499 US.

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Dec 092013

Yota Phone - The Dual Screen Android Smartphone
Yota Phone, the flagship device of the Russian company Yota Devices was first presented at CES 2013 and it’s set to bring the classic smartphone to the next level – also check the PopSlate iPhone Case With Secondary e-Ink back Screen.

The Russian smartphone stands of the pack by featuring two screens – a 4.3-in LCD front screen with 720×1,280 resolution (just as any other recent smartphone) and a second 200dpi e-Ink screen positioned on the back of the phone where you would usually see the battery back cover. The addition of the e-Ink screen allows users to read information on a less disturbing environment for the human eye as well as helps saving battery power. One really cool feature is that even if the battery runs out, the e-Ink screen will retain the last image displayed on it making it a great tool to display maps, boarding tickets, movie passes or any other info you might need to have handy, even when your phone is “juice-less”.

Other then the two screens set up, the Yota Phone sports a dual-core 1.7Ghz processor, 2GB of Ram, 32Gb of eMMC (storage), back and front cameras, a classic FM radio which cool to see a embedded in the smartphone and runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

What’s your take on the Yota Phone? Do you think the dual screen devices are the future of the smartphone? let me know your thoughts in the comments …

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May 222013

Eton Solar Rukus - Bluetooth Wireless Sound System For Android, Blackberry, iPhone - Green, Black and White

Eton, the manufacturer of the Scorpion Solar Multitool and the Boost Turbine we featured a while back, released the Rukus Solar Bluetooth wireless sound system to be your trusted solar powered companion on your outdoors trips.

The sound speaker can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad and any other tablets and smartphones), has an E-Ink display (to reduce power consumption), charging USB port (so you can charge your mobile device if needed) and it’s powered by an AC source and a solar panel (the device charges in less than 6 hours via the solar panel and offers an 8 hours music play time).

The sound is output via two full range speaker drivers which feature a bass-boost option for those who want more oomph!

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£99.95 | BUY NOW – EUROPE
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Mar 182013

myIDkey - The Biometric Secured Portable Password and File Manager

While you could easily use an online password manager like LastPass to access your passwords online and offline (on your smartphone), the myIDkey brings an even more convenient solution.

The myIDkey is a small encrypted USB flash drive which gets locked and unlocked by a swipe of a finger. It’s biometric sensor locks and unlocks your passwords and the files stored on the drive by reading your fingerprints.

The myIDkey features an e-Ink screen that allows you to read information while not connected to a PC (think about going to the bank ATM and trying to remember your PIN for that 4th Visa in your wallet!), is voice activated (simply ask for a specific user login info and the myIDkey will display it on the screen), can auto-fill information on your PC, Mac and Smartphone browsers (this is done via secured Bluetooth) and allows centralized cloud data storage and sharing between users. The myIDkey was highly acclaimed and awarded at International CES 2013 in the Computer Accessories, Personal Electronics and Computer Peripherals categories.

The myIDkey is available on Kickstarter.com for a minimum pledge of $99.
UPDATE – 09/07/2014Please note that MyIDKey projects are reported to encounter financing issues and production/delivery seems to be delayed for a later date or even closed (information source). Please do your due diligence and check the status/delivery of the project before ordering this product.

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