Dec 222012

Secure Your Camera With The Mountable Leather Hand Grip

Professional photo and video gear can be quite expensive, so making an extra step to protect it is a wise thing to do.

The Leather Camera Hand Grip is one of those basic cheap things that can save you lots of money. One end safely attaches on the bottom of the camera body via the tripod mount, while the other end attaches to the camera’s strap bracket, helping you to keep a strong hold of your DSLR gadget. The Leather hand grip can be used with any photo and video cameras that feature a tripod mount.

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Dec 192012

Photo Filters At Your Finger Tips The DSLR Wheel Of Filters

Do you like photography? Do you own a DSLR? If you answered Yes to any of the two questions you have to check our the DSLR Wheel Of Filters.

The plastic base-lens mounts just like any lens on your DSLR and allows usage of eighteen different filters. The Wheel of Filters is available for Canon and Nikon, comes with 2 discs (9 filters on each discs) and is ready for use in seconds.

Here are the filters included on each filter wheel:

  • Color Filter Wheel: Solid red, Solid blue, Solid yellow, Green color surround, Red color surround, Yellow color surround, Split blue/red, Split green/yellow, Split blue/yellow
  • Prism and Macro Wheel: Double vision prism, Three way split prism, Four way split prism, Five image starburst, Triple vision prism, Bug-eye kaleidoscope, 250mm macro, 120mm macro, 60mm macro
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Dec 022012

Bikepod The Bicycle Handlebar Camera Tripod

Did you ever wanted to mount your smartphone on your bike‘s handlebars to use the GPS feature? How about wanting to record that bike trip with you digital camera or your iPhone?

The Bikepod will help you do just that! Made out of metal and cork, the Bikepod will securely hold any smartphone, point-and-shoot or DSLR camera which is under 3in (7.5cm) wide. The bike mount will fit any handlebars of 0.86-1.10in (22-29mm) and includes a quick release to easily mount and un-mount it.

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