Apr 032014

LockBox - The Portable Waterproof Safety Box Wallet
There are many situations in life when your fancy, minimalist, cool leather wallet simply won’t cut it! Think about going to the sandy beach, jogging, cycling, walking in the rain or even diving into the pool in a hot, sunny afternoon! Obviously, you can find alternate solutions like wrapping your existing wallets into a plastic baggy or leaving it home, but you get my point – why not make yourself a favor and buy a cool waterproof minimalist wallet?

Built by 2 Spanish cyclists to answer the specific need of protecting their gear from the elements and sweat while racing their bikes, the LockBox is a minimalist wallet made of platinum silicone (incorporates platinum in the silicone composition to improve properties of the conventional material) which allows you to carry a couple of coins, keys, memory cards, a handful of bills and credit cards or even a wedding ring if needed (don’t think about what I thought!!!) in full protection against water, dust, snow and mud. The silicone wallet is rated to resist temperatures between -60 to 230 degrees Celsius (that’s around -76 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s soft silicone shell is perfect for sports which present the risk of falling or bumping into other persons or things, features exchangeable shells, a raised jaw lock for improved security and tightness and it does very well the job it was designs for – protect your gear!

I used this wallet for the past couple of weeks in situations where using a regular wallet was not appropriate (playing in snow, jogging, being caught by rain) and my gear was always OK. For those worried about it’s small size, here’s what I carried around – two $20 notes, two apartment keys (I placed them in the coin placings), one credit card, 3 business cards and one Micro SD card inserted into a SD card adapter. Cool, handy and reliable …
Please take a minute and watch the attached video for a demonstration of the LockBox in action.

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Mar 172014

DataMask HUD For Professional Scuba Divers And Not Only
Keeping an eye on the session parameters while scuba diving is vital, so seeing diving mask with HUD (Heads Up Display) simply feels natural!

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The DataMask HUD is a military-inspired diver mask which features an advanced air-integrated dive computer and an HUD incorporated in the mask. The computer constantly receives the information from various included sensors (depth transducer, wireless cylinder pressure receiver), analyses it and displays it on the built-in HUD so you can easily check the current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure and dive time remaining. A wireless transmitter gathers and transfers the information to the mask without the need of cables or human assistance allowing the user a real Hands-Free Diving experience.

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Feb 062014

EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask Or How To Breathe Underwater As Easily As You Do On Land
Everyone who did a bit bit of snorkeling knows how unnatural feels to breath through the snorkel. And not only that, the goggles have limited field of view and they get foggy when you need it the least.

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The EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask promises to overcome these inconveniences. The mask features a full-face design, allows breathing through nose and mouth, offers an unobstructed 180-degrees field of view and, to prevent fogging, sports a b system (the air comes in through a different channel then it goes out). The top of the snorkel is highly visible (vibrant red) to help you avoid collisions in the water and it features a mechanism that closes the air vent when submerged in water. The EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask will be available in the spring of 2014 for ~$55.

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Nov 262013

43 Cool Gadgets To Help You Sneak Booze Almost Everywhere

There are many ways to justify sneaking booze into a place. Some will say it’s cheaper, others will say it’s more convenient as they don’t have to stay in line to buy a drink and some will even say they do not like the existing selection and they prefer to bring their’s.
My objective is not to argue about the validity of all these reasons, but to show you 42 cool ways you can conceal your drink and smuggle into the cinema, football game, at the pub, even on a cruise ship or in whatever place you’d like to do so.

Also check the 33 Wallet Gadgets To Supercharge Your Daily Routine cool round up I featured earlier.

Small disclaimer – Use your due diligence. Keep in mind that in some places booze smuggling is illegal and you will support the consequences if you are caught doing so. Research local laws before passing to action and, most important of all, remember that alcohol should be used and consumed in a responsible manner only by individuals who are of legal drinking age.

Before going further and diving into the 42 cool hidden flasks I gathered for you – take a moment and check Seth Lieber‘s comprehensive B.Y.O.B. – How to Sneak Alcohol Onto a Cruise Ship and other ways of reducing your bar tab.


Oct 212013

Octomask - Scuba Mask With GoPro Camera Mount

Another cool GoPro accessory! The Octomask allows you to mount your GoPro camera and records your scuba diving sessions hands free! – also check the Liquid Image HD Video Recorder Scuba Mask we featured earlier.

The Octomask features tempered glass lenses, soft silicone skirt and is fully compatible with all GoPro camera models.

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Aug 212013

Rinspeed sQuba - Zero-Emission Submarine Sport Car

Drive it! Sail it! Dive it!
The Rinspeed sQuba can do them all in style! The convertible sport car is powered by a zero-emission electric engine (powered by rechargeable Li-Io batteries) and has underwater diving capabilities which transform it into a veritable submarine!

The sQuba can drive on regular roads like any other car ( it’s top speed is 75 mph or 120km/h), can sail like a boat (on the water speed is topped at 3.7mph or 6km/h) and can dive like a little submarine (in the water speed is topped at 1.8 mph or 3 km/h and can reach a diving depth of maximum 10 meters).

Here’s the way it actually works – drive the sQuba into the water and it will float. Open the doors to let the water in and it will dive. The occupants breathing air is supplied by an integrated tank of compressed air.
The sQuba was first announced back in 2008 for a base price of $47,250 US. Although there were several requests from buyers, Rinspeed founder Frank M. Rinderknecht decided against building the vehicle himself as the project would cost over1.5 million to develop.

Let’s hear you in the comments – what’s your take on this James Bondish vehicle?

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Apr 132013

Suunto Core - The Outdoors Watch That Will Keep You Informed of Everything

Suunto is a Finish company specialized in manufacturing precision instruments for outdoors sports (diving, training, hiking… etc).
Their award-winning Suunto Core series come with an impressive set of features and is specifically designed to help you and keep you informed of of conditions while your sporting outside. Some of the features we spot were: temperature, altimeter, barometer, cardinal directions, bearing tracking, alarm, weather and weather memory, sea level pressure and so on … please check the product page to see a full breakdown of everything the Core Series is able to do.

The Suunto Core series comes with a variety of individual models, colors, shapes and functions, with prices starting at $299 US and a two year
The Suunto Core series comes with a variety of individual models, colors, shapes and functions, with prices starting at $299 US, a two years warranty and a variety of straps (sold separately) to match your personal style.

$299+ | BUY NOW – US Market
£177+ | BUY NOW – EUROPE


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