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Aug 062015

The 4Style Versatile Leather Duffel Bag

Get fancy with the new airplane friendly Chivote Leather Duffel bag!

Handmade of natural 100% vegetable tanned leather, the 4Style Duffel bag sports a unique durable construction with a main double zipper opening for easy access to your stuff, two easy access front pockets for smaller gear such as phones, keys, documents, charger, features double stitched and rivets reinforced straps and compartments for extended durability and comes in two colors: red rum and black.

The Chivote 4Style is in available at Kickstarter, the project already reached it’s funding cap and you can order yours for only $279. Check it out!

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Sep 042014

The Overnight Shoulder Bag by Bros Leather
Here’s a cool travel companion for all those business (or pleasure) 2 days trips. I don’t know about you, but when I travel for a few days I always pack either too much gear or not enough! And, during the years, I noticed that this goes hand in hand with the bag I use! Psychologically, once I choose the bag to carry my stuff, I always tend to fully fill it with trip gear … ending up with either too much stuff or barely enough!

ALSO CHECK the Military Leather Duffle Bag By Whipping Post, the Teranishi Day Tripper Bag and the Barbour Wax Leather Briefcase.

Just like the weekender back we featured earlier, The Overnight is designed for short trips and it allows you to grab just enough clothing and gear for two days voyages. The bag is handcrafted using finest goat leather, it interior lining is made of tough hunters green canvas, sports four large easy-to-reach external pockets (two on the front of the bag and one of each of its sides) to carry additional gear and comes in two sizes (14-in and 18-in). A personalization service is available for those wanting to add a personal touch to their purchase.

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Aug 162014

La Fonction Mobile Workstation Laptop Bag
While most of us are used to commute and travel with a laptop bag or backpack hanging on our shoulder, sometimes this is just not enough! For those times when you really have to get things done on the road, work in coffee shops, buses, trains or any other crowded places and still keep your stuff private – please welcome the La Fonction Mobile Workstation!

ALSO CHECK the Hard Graft Old Fashioned Italian Leather Laptop Bag and the Barbour Wax Leather Briefcase.

The laptop bag / workstation is built to allow you to safely carry your laptop around and, when work time comes, to allow you to protect your privacy while working on your laptop. The working station has plenty of internal pockets for smaller office gear and documents, comes in two colors: black and honey, is made of full-grain cow leather with aniline finish and lined with high quality Italian canvas and will set you back $1,100 US …

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Jun 042014

Check Canvas And Leather iPad Case
Impressive by it’s minimalistic design, but fancy enough to proudly put on the table when going out to the coffee shop, the Burberry Check Canvas And Leather iPad Case is made of high quality canvas (56% jute, 44% cotton) featuring the Burberry classic stripes design, sport a leather trim, top zip closure with oversize leather zip pull, hand-painted edges as well as a light padding to keep your iPad safe from small bumps and scratches.

On the price side, the Burrbery iPad case hits a whooping $295 for any of the 4 color combinations. But hey, what would you expect … IT”S A BURBERRY, isn’t it?

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Sep 302013

Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Messenger Bag

The Ralph Lauren Polo leather messenger bag (style #13335732) is a cool cross-bag to carry and protect your day-to-day gear. Made of high quality leather, the messenger bag features a top flap secured by two front buckles, flap pockets on the front and sides and a full sized patch pocket on the back. All pockets are secured with buckled tab closures – also check the Whipping Post Vintage Messenger Bag and the Hard Graft Flat Pack Leather bag.

The interior is fully lined and sports a zippered welt pocket. While there’s no dedicated laptop compartment, you can easily carry around your portable PC by using a laptop sleeve or a protective case.

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Jun 242013

Clip Bag - Peter Bristol Fashion Creation

I could say: “If you’re in love with your work you should take a look at this” OR I could say “the Binder Bag has the classic look of a paper clip” OR I could start with: “The Binder Bag has a surprisingly new fashion vision combining the utility of a handbag with form of a paper clip” …

Anyway … you get the point – The Binder Bag is a handbag in form of a paper clip!
It’s design is simple and cool. It’s made of wool felt and aluminum tubing. It’s creator, Peter Bristol, conceived it back in 2007 and is planning to release it on the markets during 2013.

That’s pretty much it – key points to remember – HANDBAG & SIMPLE & COOL!!!

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Oct 182012

The Hula Hoop - The Chanel Beach Bag

Circular design by Lagerfeld for the Chanel fashion house, the Hula Hoop beach bag combines the beauty with the utility.

While it is big enough to carry all your beach gear, once on the sunny beach it doubles as a hanger – simply put it into sand, and you can hang stuff on it.

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