Sep 212013

Star Trek Captain's Chair Dog Bed

You and you dog are big time trekkies?
Wait no longer and jump on the opportunity to a treat your best friend with this special dog bed designed after the Captain’s chair…

If YOUR DOG doesn’t deserve it , who does???
I know I would take one if I found it human sizes …

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Sep 192013

Feno Foldable Notebook by Niels van Hoof

Did you ever think how laptops will look like in 20 years from now?
One alternative is based on modular gadgets like the Obento Note and the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 we featured earlier. Another way off seeing things is virtual projection based technology. Imagine a virtual input system like the CTX Keyboard connected to a small PC unit (something like the size of a watch) out-putting image on a laser projector virtual touchscreen like the Light Blue… Sky is the limit …

Today, we’ll check another cool direction for tomorrow’s laptops – the Feno Foldable Laptop designed back in 2008 by Niels van Hoof. This alternative sounds very close to today’s reality due to advancements in OLED flexible displays.

So, what we have here is a huge 17″ screen that folds around the main laptop unit to save space and ease transport. The unit features a classic keyboard (which is nice to see and will dramatically improve the typing speed), a pop-up mouse and a CD/DVD unit. I know, I know, the CD/DVD unit is obsolete, but remember the concept was drawn back in 2008 when a CD-less laptop was almost inconceivable.

What’s your take on the future of laptops? Do you think the laptop as we know it will disappear leaving it’s place for a new breed of mobile computing or will it simply evolve into something more transportable and practical from an usage point of view? Let’s hear your comments below ….



Sep 122013

Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet (DOT Approved)

Here at we love cool motorcycle helmets! Here are some cool examples of helmets we featured in the past – The Bell Rogue, the Reevu RV MSX1 with interior rear view mirror and the coolest of ’em all – The Predator Helmet!

Today, we’ll check another cool biker head protection– The Spiderman Helmet by Air Graffix.
Air Graffix is a small airbrush design studio in Illinois, US. They’re specialized in creating custom paint helmets and, I must admit, they do this pretty well.

The Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet can be ordered in three versions based on three well know helmet models (from left to right in the above picture) – Z1R Phantom, Icon Alliance and the Shoei Qwest – all three models meet or exceed the DOT standard specifications.
The helmets are manually airbrushed while the visor is made of perforated see thru vinyl painted and then applied to the helmet. The visor allows complete visibility.

The artist also takes special orders, custom designs, helmet personalization as well as usage of almost any helmet brand available on the market.

I love it. I don’t own a motorcycle yet, but this helmet might well be the decision maker for me. Let’s hear you in the comments … How much do YOU LOVE IT???

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Sep 052013

Improve Your Office Design With The Blackhawk Secretary Trunk
Ready to revamp your office space?
Check out the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk. The trunk is handmade of matte finish polished aluminum and decorated with intentional nicks, dings and small scratches that give it a vintage look.

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Aug 302013

The Coffee Skull Mug

After we told you about the Skull Of Doom Beer Stein and the Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass we’re back with another cool skull piece of glassware to complete your Kitchen Of Doom collection: The Skull Mug.

The Skull Mug is hand cast from durable stoneware, comes in sets of 4 pieces, can hold up to 10.2 oz (300 ml) and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s design reflects closely enough the shape of a skull and the details are glazed with iridescent graphite gray to give it an old worn-out look.

Let me know in the comments – what’s your own favorite Doom Kitchenware?

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Aug 292013

Star Wars Han Solo Refrigerator

The Han Solo frozen in carbonite fridge is a concept created by artist Quentin Devine for the “Fridges” challenge on The mockup catches the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back scene where Han Solo is sealed in carbonite and redyed to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt.

Unfortunately, the design is only a Photoshop detailed image, but he have hopes some sticker manufacturer will pick it and make it available as a fridge decal … Or, why not? Some refrigerator company to put it in production for all Star Wars fans out there!!!

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