Oct 212013

Romo - The iPhone Powered Robot
Meet Romo! Romo is a cute iPhone powered robot that can be trained to become your best virtual friend you can also call it a virtual pet if you prefer). Here are some of the coolest things you can do with the Robmo Robot – also check the iPhone Spy Tank (not really an iPhone robot, but still a cool iPhone controlled RC toy)

  • First – It needs an iPhone to work
  • Romo features face recognition (it can follow you around, play faces, etc …)
  • Romo can be controlled over the internet via another iOS device or computer
  • Romo learns basic stuff as you you train him (Customize your own robot in seconds with Romo’s in-app mobile training platform.)
  • Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4. The iPhone 5 version is on it’s way (available for pre-order)

The Romo Robot is the winner of the Best High-Tech Toy at Toyfair 2013 and is designed as an app ecosystem. Developers can code new apps and “teach” Romo new skills – so, hopefully, in the near future we can have Romo fetch us a cold beer in a hot summer afternoon!

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Oct 082013

Amazing Italian Space Saving Furniture From Via
Well designed furniture can help you save a lot of home or office space. The attached video features some cool space saving furniture designed by the Italian manufacturer Clei.

All models featured in the video clip are available for purchase in North America on the website and in their New York (NYC), Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver showrooms.

What’s your take on space saving furniture? Do you think the saved space justifies the extra furniture costs? Let’s hear you in the comments ….

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Oct 012013

Han Solo In Carbonite Ring The Coolest Bounty Hunter Souvenir
Han Solo is one of the coolest movies heroes ever and the memorable scene when he is sealed in carbonite is reproduced on numerous real life products over and over again even after 30 plus years since the movie release – also check the Han Solo In Carbonite Refrigerator.

US based jewelry designer Paul Michael reproduced the famous Star Wars scene on handmade rings. The rings were release in an Initial Public Offering with early bird prices ranging between $195 and $2,995 depending on the used materials (silver, stainless steel, titanium, palladium, white, yellow and rose gold and platinum). The Initial Public Offering prices are available only for the first 100 buyers, then Paul Micheal will raise the Han Solo In carbonite rings prices.

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Sep 302013

Drip Free Coffee Mug by Kim Keun AeJust as the Soup and Cracker mugs the No Spill Coffee Mug is a cool utilitarian mug designed to solve a common problem coffee lovers often have – coffee rings.
The No Spill mug‘s superpower is to catch coffee drips before they make it to the table and form those nasty coffee rings. And it does it well! The special indentation towards the bottom of the mug does a great job in catching the drips and overflows and keeping your office safe and coffee-free!

The Drip-Free Coffee Mug is a cool design concept by designer Kim Keun Ae. We can only hope it’ll make it to real world and help us deal with our daily coffee rings!

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Sep 252013

Vinyl Record Batman Wall Clock

Here’s one of the coolest wall watches I found around – also check the Chrome Melted Clock.
The Batman wall clock is made of real 12″ (30 cm) vinyl records manually cut into our favorite DC Comics superhero’s shape and features a non-ticking silent clock mechanism powered by one AA battery.

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Sep 252013

Lounge-Wood - The Innovative Laptop Support That Allows You To Get Things Done From The Comfort Of Your La-z-Boy

Looking for a comfortable place to get some things done?
Why not try that cool arm chair right in your living room???

The Lounge-Wood was designed to allow you work in comfortable positions. Either you are seated on an armchair or you’re laying in your bed the Lounge-Wood can be adjusted to perfectly position your laptop for work. It also features 2 small storage spaces, perfect for a tablet and a smartphone, as well as a designated mouse control space – also check the Ergonomic Laptop Bed Stand.

If you’re interested in the Lounge-Wood head to the selling page and request a pricing quote.

While ergonomic work fans will argue that an armchair or a bed are never a healthy choice to get work done, I must admit that I sometimes do it and it’s nothing less than COOL!!!

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Sep 232013

HMK 561 - New Carbon Fiber Electric Motorbike Concept by Ralf Kittmann
Yanko design artist Ralf Kittmann shares a cool electric motorbike concept – also check other cool concept gear.
The HMK 561 is a carbon fiber bike designed on an innovative concept: the electrical power sits inside the carbon frame which, due to it’s high electrical conductibility, also serves as power distribution network.

The HMK 561 uses a “counter-turning axle in lieu of gears and chains“, axle which transfers power to the the wheel by direct friction (the axle passes between the two rims and, by it’s cylindrical movement, turns the wheels allowing the bike to advance).

This is a very nice electrical bike concept. The fact that there’s already an working prototype built on this concept assures me on it’s feasibility and allows me to hope to see this beauty on the streets someday.

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