Darth Vader

Jun 192015

Star Wars Darth Vader Handmade Electric Guitars by Rainy Day Instruments
Rock this side of the galaxy with the new Star Wars Electric Guitars from Rainy Day Instruments!
Handmade from recycled or used instrument parts, the Star Wars guitars feature beautiful designs inspired from the coolest Star Wars characters: C3PO and Darth Vader! If you ask me, R2D2 would have been a must for this collection, but hey, life is not always fair! “R2-D2, where are you?” as our bellowed C3PO would say …

$499 | BUY NOW – C3PO Guitar
$555 | BUY NOW – Darth Vader Guitar
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Feb 032015

MimoPowerTube Charger Power Packs - May The Force Be With You And Power Your Gadgets
Charge your gadgets in style with the latest Mimoco power bank collection – the Star Wars MimoPowerTubes!
The Star Wars MimoPowerTubes are small, cylindrical backup Li-Io battery packs with 2,600mAh charging capacity, 5V 800mA output power, 500 charging cycles life and allow you one full battery charge for most smartphones around including all iPhone models, Android and Windows Mobile devices. The Star Wars MimoPowerTubes are available in 4 formats (C-3PO, Darth Vader, Lightsaber, Stormtrooper), come with multiple charging tips (microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning) as well as with a velvet carrying pouch.

$29.99 | BUY NOW
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Sep 152014

136 Coolest Halloween Costumes That You Can Actually Buy

The internet is full of funny and cool Halloween costumes! They’re all around! Simply type it in Google and you’ll see thousands, if not tens of thousands of posts and sites showcasing cool Halloween party outfits and gadgets!

So why am I making another “Coolest Halloween Costumes Ever” post? Here’s why … a couple of days ago I was looking for a cool costume for myself and, after browsing Google for half an hour, I realized that most of these blog posts featuring the coolest of the coolest costumes are actually showcasing Halloween outfits that are custom made by people at home and more often than not can’t be purchased online. Don’t get me wrong, they’re super cool, but what use if I can’t buy them?

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So what if you don’t want to spend time and get creative to build your own costume? Believe me, I walked that road and I know how it feels and this is why I saved the coolest costumes I found in my research and I listed them bellow so you can take advantage of them too! I got your back covered and all Halloween costumes listed below can be purchased online (you find Buy Now links below each one of the pictures).

Enjoy the collection and make sure your share it with your friends too! I am sure they’re facing the same problem when looking for a cool party outfit!

* Have a bit of patience, there are a lot of pics in this post and it might take an extra sec to load!

[… READ MORE] – Check All Costumes Now!
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Jul 142014

Star Wars Disney Darth Vader Rolling Luggage
May the force be with you” and the Darth Vader Rolling Luggage always protect your while you’re flying on commercial airlines!

This very cool carry-on airplane luggage featuring a 3D molded foam Darth Vader mask is fully equipped to make your trip more pleasant. The rolling suitcase sports light-up rear wheels (the lights are activated by kinetic energy generated when the wheels are turning), a retractable handle for easy carry, top carrying handle strap, a main compartment for your gear and gadgets as well as an ID holder pocket perfect to let people know who owns the force in case you lose your luggage!

$40 | BUY NOW
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Mar 262014

Star Wars Lightsabers Kit Helps You Bring Jedi Fun Into The Thumb Wrestling Game
Here’s a cool way to spice up your classic thumb wrestling game!
The Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling kit includes 7 different arenas spanning all 6 Star Wars movies drawn on thick card board pages and two lightsabers that attach to your thumbs with velcro (there’s a red one for Vader and a blue one for Luke, so make sure you think well before taking sides). The kit fits most thumbs, folds as a book for easy transporting while traveling and the lightsabers have no cutting properties, so you fingers are all safe while thumbs wrestling.

$12.99 | BUY NOW
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Jul 242013

Star Wars Plasticolor Darth Vader Sets - Bring The Dark Side To Your Car Interior
Come To The Dark Side – We’ve Got Darth Vader Car Interior Upgrades“!!!

If you’re Star Wars fan and you want to bring the touch and feel of your preferred movie characters to your car’s interior, you should take a minute and check out the Policolor Star Wars Darth Vader Car Interior sets.
The set is Lucasfilm officially licensed, comes with a Darth Vader theme, has the Galactic Empire Logo on all it’s components and, for a whooping $139, you get to customize your car’s interior with 2 front rubber floor mats, 2 rear rubber floor mats, 2 low back bucket seat covers, 2 headrest covers, 1 steering wheel cover and 1 CD visor organizer.

The Star Wars interior car set is a universal size fit, works great on cars, vans, SUV’s and even trucks and it’s made of high quality anti-0fading, machine-washable materials. All pieces can be bought individually here.

$139.95 | BUY NOW


Jul 172013

Star Wars Darth Vader Flare Dress

After the R2-D2 Tunic Tank, the Star Wars Summer Women Clothing and the Star Wars Bathrobes it’s time we throw in some candies for the Darth Vader fans out there!

The Lady Vader Fit and Flare Dress was designed to bring the dark force on the feminine side … not that they needed any extra dark force (sorry for this, I simply could not pass by without throwing this in !!!)…
The Star Wars dress is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, features a cool V-cut on the back and it’s available in sizes ranging from S to 2XL.

$44.99 | BUY NOW
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