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A pair of cool cufflinks for men can have just the same effect on the audience as a well-chosen pair of earrings, a cool bracelet or a fancy necklace for a woman.
Cufflinks were first introduced around 1600’s to secure French button cuffs, but, with time, they become an important accessory for men allowing them to make a fashion statement and tell people around about their personality.

Cufflinks are a constant fascination for designers. Not only a pair of cool cufflinks for men becomes an expression of personality, but, due to quick technological advancements in the past decade, we can also notice an utilitarian current touching the cufflinks design (take these cool cufflinks for example – Watch Cufflinks; USB Cufflinks; Mini Blade Links and even the Uncuff Cufflnks which feature an universal built-in handcuff key).

Continue reading an check some of the coolest cufflinks we found and featured bellow:

Mar 022013

Ravi Ratan Iron Black Woven Oval USB Cufflinks-CLI-RR-435-WB

We saw USB drives inserted int he most uncommon shapes – check the USB bracelet or the Mimobots. Today we’ll check another unusual place for a USB flash drive – dress cufflinks.

The USB cufflinks have a capacity of 4GB (2GB each), are fully engravable and are produced by Ravi Ratan, a specialized luxury cufflinks designer manufacturer.

The price tag of $199 seems to be a bit high considering the limited storage they offer, but if you let your imagination run wild and you see yourself James Bond stealing military secrets, hiding them in your cufflinks and fooling the security they might not be that expensive.

On the more real side of things, having the USB flash drives attached to your cufflinks allows you to always have the files you need with you.

What’s your take on it? How do you make sure to always have your USB drive always with you and not loose it or forget it at home?

$199 | BUY NOW – US Market


Feb 182013

StarWars Star Trooper Official Licensed Cufflinks

Get your outfit some Imperial bling with this beautiful pair of Lucasfilm officially licensed Star Wars cufflinks – also check our Star Wars items collection.

The cufflinks feature a 3D shape of a Storm Trooper head, are approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″ (that’s 1.9cm x 1.3), and come packaged in a Limited Edition Collectors Box.

Apart that, not much to say about them – just that they’re super cool and they’ll surely give a nice Star Wars flavor to your classy outfit.

$124 | BUY NOW


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