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A pair of cool cufflinks for men can have just the same effect on the audience as a well-chosen pair of earrings, a cool bracelet or a fancy necklace for a woman.
Cufflinks were first introduced around 1600’s to secure French button cuffs, but, with time, they become an important accessory for men allowing them to make a fashion statement and tell people around about their personality.

Cufflinks are a constant fascination for designers. Not only a pair of cool cufflinks for men becomes an expression of personality, but, due to quick technological advancements in the past decade, we can also notice an utilitarian current touching the cufflinks design (take these cool cufflinks for example – Watch Cufflinks; USB Cufflinks; Mini Blade Links and even the Uncuff Cufflnks which feature an universal built-in handcuff key).

Continue reading an check some of the coolest cufflinks we found and featured bellow:

Sep 242013

Star Wars Death Star Cufflinks by Ravi Ratan

Here’s a nice opportunity to make a cool fashion statement and let people know you’re a Star Wars fan without being too flashy – also check the R2-D2 USB Cufflinks and the Stormtrooper Official Cufflinks.

The Ravi Ratan Death Star Cufflinks are made of Silvertone plate/enamel.

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Sep 162013

Skull Cameo Cufflinks by Paul Smith

Cufflinks are the mark of a true Gentleman. While they’re not going to make you a Gentleman by only wearing them, there’s a clear fashion statement you can make by choosing the right pair of cufflinks – also check the Watch Cufflinks and the Star Wars Cufflinks.

The Skull Cameo Cufflinks by Paul Smith are made in pure English fashion. They’re manufactured in England of 65% brass and 35% resin. The brass is polished with a nice Gold finish and the cufflink’s buttons are branded with Paul Smith’s signature.

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May 062013

Made in USA Classic Bullet Cufflinks

Cufflinks are meant to give your dress shirts some extra style. Either you’re a classy cufflinks guy (ex: the Watch links) or modern guy (ex: you’re more into utilitarian links like the Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks I am sure you’ll appreciate the Bullet links.

US made from actual recycled old bullet casing rims, the Bullet Cufflinks come in two flavors: 38 Special Antiqued Brass or .45 Colt Nickel and are designed to bring a little bit of badass attitude into your day-to-day dress outfit.

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Apr 262013

James Bond Style Cufflinks - Sparrows Uncuff Cufflinks

The Uncuff Cufflinks seem to be straight from the James Bond Fashion series (also check the Knife Links and the Ravi Ratan USB Clinks)
Apart their cool look, the Sparrow Cufflinks also have a hidden secret – they hide a handcuff key which, as noted by the manufacturer, should match all standard handcuff locks.

One piece of advice tough … Although these cuffs will make you reveal the Super Spy in you, make sure you only use them in the appropriate situation. I’d say the bedroom sounds a more reasonable test ground than the back of a cruiser!!!

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Apr 122013

Pure Star Wars Style - The R2-D2 USB Cufflinks

When it comes to style and clothing, there’s nothing more masculine than a pair of cool cufflinks.

Just as the Ravi Ratan USB links we featured a while back, the R2-D2 cufflinks not only let you tell people how much of Star Wars fan you are, but they also offer you 4GB of hidden USB storage to always have the files you need with you.

These R2-D2 cufflinks are specially licensed by Lucasfilm, are made of silver-plated enamel and come in a nice black gift box. The links are carefully crafted in white and blue to match R2-D2‘s cool design.

So, let me know in the comments … what’s the perfect piece of clothing to wear with these cufflinks?

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Mar 192013

The Knife Cufflinks - Ready To Help You From The Cuffs Of Your Dress Shirt

Another pair of cool cufflinks. The Knife Cufflinks can easily go into the utilitarian links category with the Watch Cufflinks and the USB Links. And all this, without removing anything from their coolness.

The cufflink features a mini fold-out blade made of stainless steel which is strong enough to help you cut through soft materials. The cufflink pair also comes with a diamond dust sharpener which will make sure your hidden stylish concealed weapons are ready to use at any moment.

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Mar 152013

The Watch Cufflinks - black dial, silver finish - Rhodium plated base metal with bullet back closure

We simply love cufflinks. They’re stylish, classy and well chosen, they’ll make an incredible fashion statement in your behalf – also check out Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks and the StarWars Star Trooper Official Licensed Cufflinks.

The watch cufflinks, not only look super cool, but they also have a practical usage … they tell the time (dah!)! The cufflinks have a black dial, silver finish and are made of Rhodium plated base metal with bullet back closure system.

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