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A pair of cool cufflinks for men can have just the same effect on the audience as a well-chosen pair of earrings, a cool bracelet or a fancy necklace for a woman.
Cufflinks were first introduced around 1600’s to secure French button cuffs, but, with time, they become an important accessory for men allowing them to make a fashion statement and tell people around about their personality.

Cufflinks are a constant fascination for designers. Not only a pair of cool cufflinks for men becomes an expression of personality, but, due to quick technological advancements in the past decade, we can also notice an utilitarian current touching the cufflinks design (take these cool cufflinks for example – Watch Cufflinks; USB Cufflinks; Mini Blade Links and even the Uncuff Cufflnks which feature an universal built-in handcuff key).

Continue reading an check some of the coolest cufflinks we found and featured bellow:

Dec 142015

41 Functional Cufflinks In James Bond Style

While cufflinks are not mandatory every time you wear a dress suit, they can be an amazing opportunity to tell people around something about you! And not only, sometimes, they can be a real life saver! From danger whistles to USB storage, from calendar to carpenter levels and rulers, from thermometers to cigar punches, lighters and dices, these little stylish accessories can help you save the day!

For that matter we compiled below the coolest functional cufflinks we found around! Check them out after the break and let us know what’s your favorite pair of cufflinks!

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Jun 062014

Dunhill Buldog Motif Men Dress Cufflinks
While cufflinks may not be a requirement when wearing a dress shirt, they can be a great way to show a bit of your personality without endangering your business look!
I bet you’re not going to your next business party dressed up as Batman or R2D2! But, if you’re a real fan and you want people to know it, you could wear a small accessory to show people who you really are! Some cufflinks for example???

During the time we featured some really cool cufflink sets (check the The R2-D2 USB Cufflinks the Paul Smith’s Skull Cameo Cufflinks and the Lighter Cufflinks), and, as we’re in love with these accessories, we’ll continue featuring them … so, for today we have a special pair of cufflinks from Dunhill London – the Bulldog Cufflinks.

The Bulldog Motif Cufflinks come in 3 flavors: Solid Silver, 3-in-1 and Black Lacquer and are designed to give a pure English touch to your suit outfit! While the Silver and Black Lacquer models can only be worn as cufflinks, the Palladium 3-in-1 model cal also be worn as button covers. All models feature the Dunhill logo on the enclosure button.

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Mar 072014

Black Leather Wrap Around Cufflinks by CuffCrazy
Another day, another pair of cufflinks! Either you wear cufflinks on occasional situations or daily bases, it’s important you own at least a good couple of pairs! Either you go for multifunctional cufflinks like the Adjustable Date Cufflinks, the Lighter Cufflinks or the WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks or simply stylish cufflinks like the Skull Cameo ones, your links say a lot about you – think about them as a fashion statement if you’d like!

For those of you who prefer to wear warm, organic accessories, and not only, today we’ll take a look at the Black Leather Wrap Around Cufflinks by CuffCrazy. Made of high quality black leather with rhodium backing, this pair of cufflinks has an ingenious design which allows it to wrap your dress shirt sleeves. I see them going very well with classy black and white outfits, maybe a tuxedo? Ingenious, isn’t it?

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Dec 192013

Adjustable Date Cufflinks by FACA
Impress your audience with the cool pair of cufflinks – also check the Sparrow Uncuff Cufflinks and the WiFi HotSpot Cufflinks.
The Date Adjustable Links are made by FACA, have a brushed steel finish and allow you to adjust the week day and the date at your wish.

Cool and perfect for a gift!

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Nov 182013

The Lighter Cufflinks Or How To Light A Cigar In Bond's Charming Style
Here’s your chance to light a cigar in James Bond style. Imagine the look on that pretty girl’s face when you take of your cufflinks and meticulously light your cigar with’em! – also check these cool spy-style cufflinks we featured earlier: The Knife Cufflinks, the Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks and the Uncuff Cufflinks.

The Lighter Cufflinks feature incorporated vintage-style lighters (dah!!!), side spinning lighter wheels, their size is less than an inch and are “powered” by Zippo lighter gas.

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Oct 292013

WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks With 2GB Data Storage Drive
After bringing to life the USB storage cufflinks Ravi Ratan takes the utilitarian gadget cufflinks concept one step further. The WiFi Hotspot cufflinks allow user not only to carry 2GB of data with them wherever they go, but also transform any laptop/desktop PC to WiFi hotspot.

Simply plug the cufflinks into a free laptop USB plug, instal the hotspot software (free download) and enjoy high-speed WiFi on the rest of your devices. You can also access media servers from the host computer via the USB Cufflinks.

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Oct 182013

US Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks
The Nickel Cufflinks are made in US with real sterling silver Buffalo Nickel coins which were produced between 1913 and 1938 – also check these cufflinks we featured earlier: US Made Bullet Cuffinks and the Knife Links.

One side features the American Buffalo while the other side represents an Indian head. The dates on the coins may not match as each cufflink is made of a different piece. The Nickel Cufflinks come packed in a presentation box and make a perfect gift for the man in your life!

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