Nov 242012

Keysquare Stainless Steel Keychain

Keychains are cool. Either we’re speaking about an utilitarian keychain like the Telepen, or about a new concept like the Keyport, we just can’t have enough!

Today, we have a new type of key ring – The Machine Era KeySquare – more targeted to people who like to keep their keys on a carabiner and simply hang them to their jeans or their backpack – the KeySquare brings some style into it.

Made out of solid stainless steel, hand finished and small sized it can easily be attached to any belt via it’s long side slit. And … as any respectable keychain it doubles as a bottle opener!!!

The KeySquare is available as a project on KickStarter.

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Nov 182012

Flip n'Grip - The Minimalist RFID Secure Waterproof Wallet

Lately, more and more people are ditching the big bulky classic wallets for more slimmer minimalistic ones. From the RFID Blocking Cobra Wallet to the simple Essentials Leather Wallet – small and thin wallets tend to become tomorrow’s norm.

Today we’ll see a new concept of minimalistic wallet – the Flip n’Grip. Not only it gets to keep your cards securely, but you can also use this wallet to have some fun with it – check the video for some cool Flip n’Grip tricks.

Here are some features that set the Flip n’Grip apart from the rest of the crowd:

  • RFID blocking materials used to keep your info safe
  • Big selection of colors to choose from
  • Made of true aircraft grade aluminum
  • Self locking to keep your cards secure
  • Waterproof
  • You can attach a money clip to keep some cash or business cards
  • High resistance (check the video to see it ran over by a car)
  • Made in USA product
  • And at last … but not the least … IT’S COOL!

The project is raising money on the KickStarter website. If you like this wallet, make sure you you back up this project with a couple of bucks so the the guys behind it can make it happen.



Nov 152012

EternalCase - The Unbreakable USB Flash Drive Aluminium

We’re big lovers of Cloud Storage and we use it for most of the files we need to move from a location to another or simply we just need to have them handy at any time.

On the other hand, there are some files we prefer to keep local. We also like to have files available to us when we are out of internet reach. For these files we use USB Drives. But sometimes the USB drives get lost, broken or stolen. Of course, we encrypt data on our drives to avoid founders have access to our files, but we are still uncovered in case of damaged drives.

Based on what the guys from EternalCase say – this should no longer be an issue. They came up with some USB drives they tested in some extreme conditions (2h in a dishwasher, 5 minutes on a +200 Celsius degrees owen, a few golw club shots, ran over by a car … etc) and they were OK to declare their USB drive as UNBREAKABLE!

Head over to KiskStarter to check more details on this USB Flash Drive.

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Oct 092012

Essentials Wallet Minimalist By Capsule Leather

The Minimalist by Capsule is a new essentials wallet concept.

The wallet is made of high quality leather and it can easily fit 6 cards in it’s 2 pockets and several bills secured by the CashStrap.

The minimalist wallet is in development @ KickStarter and should be available for delivery in December 2012.

$40 | BUY NOW
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