Feb 202016

Crazy Supercar Crashes

It’s well known that money won’t buy happiness! But it surely brings adrenaline and craziness!
Hit the break to check out these super car crashes … Hopefully, very few of the drivers were injured …


Nov 222014

Ken Block Gymkhana 7 Wild In The Streets Of  Los Angeles - Someone Gave Ken Block a 845HP Mustang And This Is What Happened
Here’s the short story: Ken Block + 845HP 1967 Ford Mustang called Hoonicorn + a ton of insanity + tire smoke + director Ben Conrad (the guy behind the past three Gymkhana videos) + another ton of insanity + more tire smoke = Gymkhana 7

And here goes the long story – after three successful Gymkhanas, Ken Bock (the owner of DC Shoes and Hoonigan) partnered again with director Ben Conrad (also directed Recoil 2 and was the creative lead for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers and Iron Man 3) for for the seventh title of the Gymkhana series: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles. The clip shows Ken Block unleashed, driving a 845 horse power, 6.7-liter V8 supercharged 1967 Ford Mustang and drifting on the streets of LA. A crazy amount of insanity, a lot of driving skill, some cool panoramas of the empty streets of LA, a couple of Police cars involved in the Gymkhana and a lot of tire smoke make this clip the coolest one of the series. Check it our and let me know in the comments bellow.

I also embedded bellow Ken Block‘s first 6 Gymkhanas in case you missed them!

Aug 092014

One-In-A-Lifetime-Opportunity, The 17K Diamond Pacifier
Welcome to the Teleshopping Channel! Please take 5 minutes of your time and meet our special guest: Donny Ice, universally recognized as the world’s best expert in diamonds and rare gems!!

Donny Ice: Hello and welcome to!

Today we are showcasing one of our most amazing products to date, the 3ct Diamond Pacifier. This amazing little gadget here has the power to make people go crazy!!!
Only yesterday one of my friends was telling me how people laughed at her 2 years old daughter as she did not have a pacifier! She told me right there and then how she wished she could rewind time and stop it from ever happening! Imagine … imagine if she had this product! The possibilities! Imagine you go all-flashy at that party and everyone goes WOW! Amazing, isn’t it? Your kid feels like the quin or king of the world!

Most people I asked around would happily pay $100,000 to get one! It’s a rare item!

Some stores sell them for $50K and more and are sold out in minutes!

But not us! We will not charge you $100K! Not even $50K. We will only charge you $34k for this one-in-a-lifetime-opportunity!

And you know what? Today is you’re LUCKY day! Today, and only today you can get you diamond pacifier at ONLY $17,000 US! That’s less than $47 US per day (for 12 months) for an amazing 3ct (278 pave set) diamonds mounted on a 14 carat white gold pacifier that will make you and your kid feel like being part of this world’s elite!

Today, for one time only, we’re going to make you a favor and let you secure one for less than 5 times what others are paying for!
What are you waiting for? There are only 5 pieces of this beauty availa …. Wait a second, We have Jack on the phone. “Jack how are you? … Yes, thank you! We’ll send you your diamond pacifier right away! Thank you man! You did a great deal today!”

So were was I? Ok, what are you waiting for? There are only 4 pieces of this beauty available! Hit the link and take advantage of this amazing one-in-a-lifetime-opportunity!

All teleshopping jokes apart, the 3ct Diamond Pacifier is a real product and you can check it out on Amazon.
Of course, all the above sales push was intended as a joke. But, if you need one, now is the best time to buy it! Did I mention our special promotion …. 🙂

$17,000 | BUY NOW


Dec 282013

Amazing Flexible Paper Sculptures By Li Hongbo
Amazing art work by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. At a first glance, the sculptures look like carved porcelain figures. It takes a second look (at least) to see that these cool sculptures are made of thousands of layers of white paper. Watch and enjoy Li Hongbo ‘s amazing work … – also check How To Paint A Japanese Dragon In 8 Minutes! and Can We Consider Ironing an Art? we featured earlier.



Dec 212013

Air-Powered Life Size Lego Car
Here’s a cool project I couldn’t pass by and not feature on!
The Real Life Lego HotRod is a super cool project by Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino. The car is fully functional, is powered by a compressed air engine with 256 pistons (all made by Lego pieces!!!), it reaches 20-30 km/h (that’s about 15-20 mph) and is completely build of Lego blocks. The project took 18 months of work, with 12 of those focused on building the car!

Check out the vid for more details and let me know your take in the comments!



Dec 182013

Bike Backwards Ride At 80kmh - Eskil Ronningsbakken At Trollstigen
Eskil has spent his entire life living on the edge creating art that makes a difference. The goal is not just to leave an imprint on mind. The goal is to move boundaries, inspire and show humans all over the world that anything is possible.

The above paragraph is taken from the About page on Eskil Ronningsbakken‘s website. Simply said, Eskil is an amazing guy who does amazing stuff! It’s as simple as it gets … So watch him ride his bike on the Trollstigen (serpentine mountain road in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway [source: Wikipedia]) backwards! Yeap, that’s right – backwards! The ride’s ranging speed was around 35-40 km/h with tops at 80km/h on the fastest lines!- also check this Amazing Motorcycle Stunts we found a while back.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments …
As for me, this clip became synonym to courage, balance and impressive …!


Nov 302013

73 Million People Thought This Buffalo Calf  Will Torn Apart By A Lion Pride Or Crocodiles! Check How This ends ...
Amazing video about a buffalo calf attacked by a pride of lions and by 2 crocs. The video is 100% real and was filmed back in 2010 by Jason Schlosberg in South Africa’s Kruger National Park while on safari. Check the unexpected end f the fight …

Also check this Jaguar Attacking A Caiman Crocodile.

The nature is wild and crazy… Isn’t it?


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