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Mar 152013

Brusspup - Strange Anti-Gravity Water Free Flows In geometrical Shapes
Remember Brusspup? He’s the 3D artist that amazed us with his Anamorphic Objects a while ago.

His latest science experiment involves water and sounds.
The experiment was set up using speakers, a rubber hose, a water source and a tone generating software. Check out how the water flow “moves” based on the sound waves.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments …


Mar 112013

Take a Ride On A ... Great White Shark - Freediver Ocean Ramsey filmed with an HD Hero 2 GoPro Camera

As crazy as this sounds, but … believe me – it can be done!

Ocean Ramsey is a Honolulu based shark conservationist. Watch her in this amazing footage riding with a Great White Shark. She even goes that far as to grab the shark’s dorsal fin and let herself driven through the water.

The movie is as real as it can be. As the story was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2 camera, the original story was posted on the GoPro’s Youtube profile page.



Mar 102013

T-Rex Vs The Actors - Hidden Camera Prank - Jurassic Prank

Hidden camera pranks are super cool. Especially when they’re well made – check out the Girl With Doll prank for example.

In the same spirit, KHA Entertainement has a very (un)pleasant surprise for the actors and actresses they invited for an audition … Check it out for yourself …



Mar 062013

Michael Jordan Top 50 Basketball Plays

Unless you lived the past 25 years under a rock, you must know who Michael Jordan is.
Well, if you did live the last 25 years under a rock, take a couple of minutes and check out the amazing performance and the contribution Michael Jordan had to the sports world in general and to basketball in particular – Michael Jordan Carrier Info.

Here you have 50 of the most beautiful action plays he ever did. My favorite is number 14 (at 09min 20sec). What’s your favorite action play? Let’s hear you in the comments …



Mar 032013

Audi Piloted Driving - Your Own Virtual Parking Valet

Audi, the luxury division of the German manufacturer Volkswagen, became in the past 15-20 years of of the hottest premium car producers in the world. The high quality of their vehicles, the constant innovation as well as an amazing driving experience allowed Audi to “steal” many premium car buyers from older luxury car brands as Mercedes and BMW.

Here we have a good example of what Audi understands by innovation – the Audi Piloted Driving allows the car will find it’s own parking spot, will park and patiently will wait for you to finish your shopping just to come by itself and pick you up – check out the video for the Audi Piloted Driving system presented by Audi at CES 2013.

How cool is that? Let me know your thoughts in the comments…



Feb 172013

NY Powerball Lottery Cool Advertisement by  DDB

“What would you do if you win the lottery?” – Everybody thought about this at least once …

If you’re out of ideas what to do with the ca$h you’re just about to win next Saturday, check out this cool New York Powerball commercial. The guys from the advertising agency DDB went above the line and planned … an alien invasion just for you … check out the Why and How of this cool advertisement.


Feb 102013

Tiger Woods Competing With Rory McIlroy - Nike Commercial - No Cup Is Safe

Tiger is back again! Check this cool commercial made by Nike to promote signing Rory McIlroy. The “No Cup Is Safe” clip is about Tiger and Rory having a safe healthy golf competition … Check the vid to see the details, you’ll be surprised what the two pros can hit with that small golf ball



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