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Jan 072014

Sweet Parking Revenge - Check What Happened To This Guy When He Stole The Parking Spot
Parking revenge at it’s best!
While some comments suggest a staged video, let me tell you something … staged or not it’s still hilarious!!!

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Dec 292013

Drama Queen Young Director Award Hilarious Commercial
You know we like cool commercials here @!

ALSO CHECK – “Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout” – Turkish Airlines Advertising and the Interactive Advertising – Is This Cool Or What … [NSFW]

Here’s an oldie but goodie … The 2010 Young Director Award.
Don’t judge it by it’s age … Enjoy it and … think twice before pushing your kid to become a director!


Dec 282013

Amazing Flexible Paper Sculptures By Li Hongbo
Amazing art work by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. At a first glance, the sculptures look like carved porcelain figures. It takes a second look (at least) to see that these cool sculptures are made of thousands of layers of white paper. Watch and enjoy Li Hongbo ‘s amazing work … – also check How To Paint A Japanese Dragon In 8 Minutes! and Can We Consider Ironing an Art? we featured earlier.



Dec 262013

Xmas Jammies Video Yearly Review - Holderness Xmass Videos

It’s that time of the year … people do personal yearly reviews, private and government companies are into yearly employee evaluations, websites and TV stations do the “Coolest 2013 XXXX” type of shows … you get the point.
Why am I telling you all this? Well … I want to introduce you to how the Holderness Family of Raleigh, N.C decided to make their Xmass crad and include a yearly review of all family member. Enjoy the “Christmas Jammies (#XMAS Jammies)” …


Dec 242013

What Is Gravity And It's Implications In 60 Seconds!

I am sure you know what gravity is! But do you really know what gravity is!?! – also check How To Tell In Less Than 1 Second If An Alkaline Battery Is Dead.

Check it out in this cool 1 minute educational Youtube clip from MinutePhysics and see how gravity connects you to a Black Hole in the Andromeda galaxy 2.5 million light years away!
Now tell me you knew that …!


Dec 212013

Air-Powered Life Size Lego Car
Here’s a cool project I couldn’t pass by and not feature on!
The Real Life Lego HotRod is a super cool project by Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino. The car is fully functional, is powered by a compressed air engine with 256 pistons (all made by Lego pieces!!!), it reaches 20-30 km/h (that’s about 15-20 mph) and is completely build of Lego blocks. The project took 18 months of work, with 12 of those focused on building the car!

Check out the vid for more details and let me know your take in the comments!



Dec 182013

Bike Backwards Ride At 80kmh - Eskil Ronningsbakken At Trollstigen
Eskil has spent his entire life living on the edge creating art that makes a difference. The goal is not just to leave an imprint on mind. The goal is to move boundaries, inspire and show humans all over the world that anything is possible.

The above paragraph is taken from the About page on Eskil Ronningsbakken‘s website. Simply said, Eskil is an amazing guy who does amazing stuff! It’s as simple as it gets … So watch him ride his bike on the Trollstigen (serpentine mountain road in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway [source: Wikipedia]) backwards! Yeap, that’s right – backwards! The ride’s ranging speed was around 35-40 km/h with tops at 80km/h on the fastest lines!- also check this Amazing Motorcycle Stunts we found a while back.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments …
As for me, this clip became synonym to courage, balance and impressive …!


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