Apr 052014

The Morgan Freeman GPS Teaches You How How To Navigate In The City And ... Much More
Check out this cool commercial featuring a GPS unit through which Morhan Freeman helps people navigate from one situation to another. Hilarious!


Apr 042014

Banned Gravity Opening Scene - The Whole Movie Would Have Been Totally Different!
Amazing! Gravity was already cool, but check the twist Youtube Krishna Shenoi gave the Oscar movie!
And, while the full clip is cool, the real twist comes at the end! Priceless! Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Mar 312014

A Handful Of Cool Pranks To Help You Start Your Day On A Positive Note!
Grab a coffee, sit down, enjoy and remember things can always go worst!
BTW one of Murphy’s laws states: “If anything can go wrong, it will” and another one goes even deeper into the truth … “If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway” … so, take your time and get ready for that full agenda of your’s …


Mar 212014

Superman FPV (First Person View) Recording With GoPro
Here’s a cool first person video recording of one day in Superman‘s life!!!
The video features Superman (starring Will Sterling) flying around, beating a couple of bad boys involved in illegal activities, saving a beautiful girl from a burning building (of course … there had to be a saved girl, if not it would have not been a real Superman clip) and was recorded with a GoPro action camera mounted on a DroneFly Phantom 2 quadcopter.




Mar 102014

This Girl Was Attacked By A Shark While Swimming in The Sea - Check What Happened
Warning: this clip contains scenes which may offend some viewers.
Now, that I’ve got your attention, take 30 seconds from your busy life and check this cool advertising featuring a blonde, a brunette, a ferocious shark and some … Tampax tampons! Guess who was a Tampax fan!

ALSO CHECK: The Axe 2014 Super Bowl Commercial and the this Cool Anti-Smoking Ad from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation

While the ad looks like a Tampax avert and was presented to the internet as a Russian Tampax Ad, the scene is lip is a scene from the film Movie 43 and claims to be a spoof (the shark is computer generated). Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Mar 062014

Check How This Guy Completed Super Mario Bros. With The Lowest Score Possible
If you ever played Super Mario Bros. (and you should have, unless you lived the last 30 years under a rock!) you must know it’s not an easy play! You have to defeat various foes, collect coins, discover secrets and beat bosses, all this by jumping around over and over again!

But how about playing the game in a different way? How about playing it to collect the less coins possible and kill no foes? This is what Youtube user NotEntirelySure did and his results are simply impressive. The first vid above shows a 600 point game play with no deaths (note that the lowest possible score is 500 points). The second video shows a 500 points game (although he lost a life at level 8-1 where you need to make it accros a very large gap without grabbing any coins).
Watch his impressive play!


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