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Jan 242015

RollTop Laptop Concept -Coolest Rollable Future Laptop Concept

Presented as a concept roll up laptop back in 2011, the RollTop 2.0 still still looks cool enough to make me want one ASAP!
The device was created by the German design shop Orkin Design and presents a multi-device that changes shapes based on the task it needs to accomplish. The RollTop 2.0 can be rolled up, just like a Yoga mat, for easy transportation, can be used as a 13-in laptop (the bottom part of the device transforms in a virtual keyboard and tracking device) and a 17-in tablet with stylus or touch control or an external screen for other PC’s!

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The RollTop 2.0 concept sports a flexible OLED screen which allows the device to transform from transportation mode to laptop, tablet or external screen and a center column which holds most connectivity options such us USB and LAN ports, an internal speaker, a webcam, the rechargeable battery as well as a power adapter for charging the device. While not in use, the RollTop wraps around the center-column for easy transportation and storage.

The initial RollTop concept was presented back in 2009 and it was updated to the 2.0 version in 2011. Unfortunately, since than, there are not many news about this cool project. Check out the videos in the post about the first and second versions of the RollTop and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Apr 122014

Heinz Beanzawave - The Worlds Smallest USB Powered Microwave Oven
The Heinz Beanzawave is believed to be the world’s smallest portable USB microwaves ever built!
Ok … don’t run to your wallet to grab you credit card yet! The story behind the Heinz Beanzawave is that the iconic food company wanted to make a micro heater for their Heinz Snap Pot portions and, before releasing it to the masses, they decided to first wait for the public’s impressions …

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Well, the project was initially presented back in 2009, so I guess people did not appreciate the idea as much as Heinz expected as I don’t see the Beanzawave at the electronics shop around the corner! But there’s still hope … regardless it’s already 5 years old, the project is still cool and I really hope they release it to the market one day!

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Dec 272013

Microsoft Research Bra Sensors Could Monitor Overeating
Recent studies show that over one third of the adult US population suffers of obesity and more than half of them complain eating more when they are stressed.

As technology enters more and more in our lives, it was just a question of time until the overeating and obesity issue gets tackled by tech developers. Researchers from Microsoft Research invented a stress monitoring bra that keeps ‘en eye” on the wearers moods and helps regulate stress eating. The sensors are powered by a 3.7-volt battery, feature an EKG analyzer that captures heart rate and respiration, electrodermal activity, skin conductance and even general movement via an accelerometer and gyroscope – also check the Radiation Emergency Sensor Bra and the The Booze Sneaking Bra.

The collected data is streamed to a smartphone app and PC software where it’s analyzed to predict physiology changes that accompany eating and stress, including whether the subjects were happy or angry.
We’re looking forward to see this technology available “at large” as well as a masculine alternative for the Microsoft Bra Sensors!

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Sep 302013

Drip Free Coffee Mug by Kim Keun AeJust as the Soup and Cracker mugs the No Spill Coffee Mug is a cool utilitarian mug designed to solve a common problem coffee lovers often have – coffee rings.
The No Spill mug‘s superpower is to catch coffee drips before they make it to the table and form those nasty coffee rings. And it does it well! The special indentation towards the bottom of the mug does a great job in catching the drips and overflows and keeping your office safe and coffee-free!

The Drip-Free Coffee Mug is a cool design concept by designer Kim Keun Ae. We can only hope it’ll make it to real world and help us deal with our daily coffee rings!

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Sep 192013

Feno Foldable Notebook by Niels van Hoof

Did you ever think how laptops will look like in 20 years from now?
One alternative is based on modular gadgets like the Obento Note and the Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 we featured earlier. Another way off seeing things is virtual projection based technology. Imagine a virtual input system like the CTX Keyboard connected to a small PC unit (something like the size of a watch) out-putting image on a laser projector virtual touchscreen like the Light Blue… Sky is the limit …

Today, we’ll check another cool direction for tomorrow’s laptops – the Feno Foldable Laptop designed back in 2008 by Niels van Hoof. This alternative sounds very close to today’s reality due to advancements in OLED flexible displays.

So, what we have here is a huge 17″ screen that folds around the main laptop unit to save space and ease transport. The unit features a classic keyboard (which is nice to see and will dramatically improve the typing speed), a pop-up mouse and a CD/DVD unit. I know, I know, the CD/DVD unit is obsolete, but remember the concept was drawn back in 2008 when a CD-less laptop was almost inconceivable.

What’s your take on the future of laptops? Do you think the laptop as we know it will disappear leaving it’s place for a new breed of mobile computing or will it simply evolve into something more transportable and practical from an usage point of view? Let’s hear your comments below ….



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