Dec 122012

Twin Touch Ergonomic Backpack By Isar Rucksack Front

Cote&Ciel offers this ergonomic backpack targeted to the entrepreneurs and business men on the move. The Isar Rucksack comes in 5 color tones and it features a multifunctional intelligent design with a laptop dedicated pocket (can accommodate any laptop with sizes up to 13′-15″) as well as a spacious main compartment for the rest of your gear.

Apart the high quality build of this Isar backpack, we also like it’s classy look given by the range of materials used to build it.

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Oct 072012

New Bicyle Concept Bicymple Side

How to simplify a bike? Simple …Make it Bicymple!

  • Take a bike
  • Remove  the chain
  • Shorten the wheelbase
  • Join the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis by using a direct-drive, freewheeling hub

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Result = a beautiful, brand new concept bike, simple, with front and rear independent steer and ultra compact design (for easier squeezing and maneuvering in tight spaces as stairways, hallways, fire escapes, etc …

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