Nov 202015

Desk Analog Voltmeter Clock - Model AWK-105

The AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock is a unique device that uses a pair of analog readouts to display the time in a retro style!
The desk clock measures 6″ x 4″ x 2″ (that’s about 15cm x 10cm x 2cm), is powered by a regular AA battery, sports two adjustment and meter calibration knobs and comes in industrial gray and olive drab color to match your fancy tastes! Too bad it doesn’t feature an alarm too!

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Aug 312015

6-in LED Clock Desk USB Fan
Cool down and spice up your desk with this new USB LED desk clock fan.
The Ruishengda Metal Desktop Fan measures 165mm x 90mm x 170mm, it’s powered by regular 5V USB ports, emulates an analogue watch and displays the time with hours, minutes and seconds, requires no software r drivers installations and, due to a small internal battery, keeps the time even while it’s unplugged.

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Mar 262014

LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Batman Minifigure Clock SKU 9005718
Let your favorite superhero ring the clock every morning!

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Made by Lego in collaboration with DC Comics, the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes Alarm Clocks are 9.5 inch (that close to 25 cm) tall figure characters made of strong ABS. The digital alarm clocks come in three shapes: Superman, Batman and the Joker and, while they have all characteristics of the original characters, they are build in pure cool Lego mode. The clocks feature a backlit LCD and an digital alarm function with snooze function!

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Feb 122014

Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock Helps Trekkies Wake Up With A Smile On Their Faces
Beam me … the time, Scotty!
Yeap, this is exactly what will happen when you’ll turn that Star Trek Entreprise Alarm Clock on. Well, you don’t need to scream after Scotty, the time will be projected on wall or ceiling when the alarm goes off, but you get the point …

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The alarm clock projector is an officially licensed small scale replica of Captain Kirk’s U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, is powered by 4 LR44 button cell batteries (included), features a backlit LCD display, 5 minute snooze and is designed to project the time with big, red numbers! Other than the obvious alarm clock use, the Star Trek Alarm Clock comes equipped with sounds from the original show series such as Red alert, photon torpedos, and Kirk calling from the Bridge and, to give it a cooler look, the nacelles light up when the alarm triggers.

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Jan 062013


Much in the spirit of the Salvador Dali‘s “Persistence of Memory“, the melted clock is a nice addition to your home / office furniture. The clock is perfectly balanced, so it can be place don any edge surface without any worries.

The Quartz movement requires 1 AA Battery to work. The clock measures 7.5″ h x 5″ w x 6″ deep (19cm h x 13cm w x 15cm deep)

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