Dec 272014

47 Coolest Car Gadgets To Bring Your Wheels To The Future

There are many cool developments going on in the car industry and manufacturers around the world are bringing more and more cool technologies and gadgets on board of our vehicles every day. But most of these new technologies and cool car gadgets are introduced only in the newest models and very few find their way to oldest cars. So what to do if you have an older car or if you purchased last year’s “latest model” and you start feeling it’s not gadgetized enough?

I gathered bellow 47 of the coolest car gadgets I found around. These gadgets are designed and built to make your old car feel newer and to allow you to get access to the latest technologies and gadgets without needing to pay for a whole new car.

Which one is your favorite? I LOVE 26 and 40!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you share this post with your friends! They need help to upgrade their old wheels as well!

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Mar 252014

Universal Touch Screen Camera Adaptor For Laptops
Either you like it or not, most last generation laptop models come touch enabled screens. But what to do with older models (read even last generation models), which don’t feature touch technology, when you realize you need it for various tasks or simply for improving the comfort of your online browsing?

Here’s where the Touch Screen Camera For Laptops comes into the game. The adapter is compatible with Windows 8 and higher devices, comes with a stylus pen to help navigation or to completely replace your mouse and even has a built-in webcam for various video recording needs. For those of you asking yourselves how this gadget works – it can’t get simpler than that – simply mount the converter on your screen, instal the driver, hook-up the USB plug and your ready to go.

While the device is a bit bulky to be carried around mounted on your laptop, I can see some more usage advantages for desktop PC’s fix fixed screens (think about those 21″+ screens you have at home and office).

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Sep 092013

Translator Mouse - Your Trusted Office Companion On Steroids
Just as the LG LSM-100 we featured a while back, the All In One Mouse has scanning and OCR capabilities. But … other than the generic 1200 dpi mouse and the 400 dpi scanner under the hood – the All In One mouse is able of some cool software wizardry – it scans the text, it recognizes it and, via the included software, opens Google Translate by it’s own and pastes the text for translates the text to the desired language.

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Oct 212012

iPhone-Android HRM Heart Rate Monitor iPhone Andoid App

Monitoring your heart rate while exercising allows you to stay in maximum shape and improve your exercising schedule as you go.

Most Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) come in the shape of a high tech watch and that will set you back $150+.

While most of us bring our smartphone with us when we go jogging, why not use it as an HRM too and save your self the hassle of buying another gadget?

This Heart Rate Monitor features:

  • Compatible with iPhone 4s and 5 (app available in the App Store)
  • Compatible with any Android phone (app available in Google Play)
  • Standard 3.5mm connector
  • Also works with other chest straps (ex: Polar)
  • Share exercise evolution on most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Package contains: Heart Rate Monitor; Heart rate receiver for Phone & Android; Chest Straps; CR2032 battery; Screwdriver; User manual

The HRM package is available from Chinavasion via the below link – for only $20 US.

$20 | BUY NOW
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