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Jul 112015

Bad Lip Reading Turns Marvel Superheroes Into Redneck Avengers
Just imagine if your favorite Avengers superheros, the Black Widow, Loki, Thor, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury, Tony Stark and Captain America lived in a southern rural trailer park! Well, Bad Lip Reading imagined it too and even re-engineered some of the 2012 Avengers hit scenes for your delight! Enjoy!

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Sep 202013

Life After Street Fighter Mockpus By Illustrator Arman Akopian - Guile Having a Beer And A Cigar
Lately, more and more artists play with existing movie and game characters and make amazing mockups exposing them in strange and cool situations – also check the Street Fighter Realistic Drawings by Filip Acovic. the Super Mario Bros Mockups and The Minimalist Superhero Illustrations by Calvin Lin.

Things follow pretty much the same direction here – The artist Arman Akopian played with the bellowed Street Fighter characters and imagined how Life After Street Fighter looks like. Cammy White, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka, Honda, Fei Long, Ryu, Sagat, Vega and Zangief are pictured in various “real-life” illustration.

The author’s comments about each character’s life path are embedded in each photo. I took the liberty of pasting them below each pic to help you get the most out of them …

Hats-off to Arman Akopian for the cool mockups. We’re looking forward to see more!!!



Aug 272013

The Cool Evolution Of Wolverine From His Beginning To Our Days

Wolverine is one of the most loved Superheroes out there. Wolverine (born James Howlett) is a mutant with animal-keen senses and increased physical powers who can easily heal and recover from any wound, disease, poison, etc …

The Marvel Comics character has been known over the years as Weapon X, Weapon Omega, Patch, Old Man Logan, Death or simply Logan and he’s member of X-Men, Alpha Fight and Avengers.

The above infographic made by Kate Willaert for pictures how Wolverine’s cool look evolved over time. The 2013 Wolverine is pictured as half-naked, so I am a bit afraid of the next costume instance of the popular superhero!!!

What’s your favorite costume? Let me know in the comments and share it with your friends…



Jul 282013

The Minimalist Superhero Illustrations In Vibrant Colors by Calvin Lin - Batman Mockup
There are many designers fooling around and doing all kinds of mockups featuring the most bellowed superheros – one of this examples is the Superhero Advertisement Mockup.

Today we’ll check The Minimalist Superhero Illustrations In Vibrant Colors by Calvin Lin. The drawings are minimalistic and combine vivid colors with design elements from well known superheros (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green lantern, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Weapon X, Boy Wonder, Iron Man and Scarlet Speedster). All mockups are faceless but the nice usage of colors, logos and costume elements do a great job allowing us to figure out the characters in seconds…

Calvin’s artwork can be purchased as printed wall posters on

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May 242013

Superheroes Facebook Like Button - Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America

After checking the Superhero Advertisement Mockups to see which Superhero will be the perfect match to advertise the most known brands in the world, now it’s time we check how would a Superhero Like button look like. Designed by the Colombian artist Jaime Calderon, these new Like buttons inherit some visual characteristics of the Superheros that inspired the designer to draw them.

Which one is your favorite? Let’s hear you in the comments…

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