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Apr 182013

PowerCup - Car DC to AC and USB Power Inverter

In the past weeks we spoke a lot about extended battery packs like the PowerFlask and the Trent NT120T. But, if you do not want to carry the extra weight of a battery extension and you spend a lot of time in your car, there are other solutions that can help you power your gadgets while on the go.

The PowerCup is one of them. Basically, you place the PowerCup in your vehicle’s cup holder, you hook it up to your car’s power outlet (cigarette lighter plug) and you you start charging your gadgets. The PowerCup will charge laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD players, portable game system, MP3 players and just about anything that requires electrical power to run. The PowerCup provides 200-Watt continuous and 400-Watt peak power via its two 120-Volt AC outlets and 500mA of power to it’s USB charging port.

Taking in account the practical cup shape of this car charger and the low price of $39.99, the PowerCup is a reasonable power source to keep handy in your car for impromptu gadget power failures.

$28.04 | BUY NOW – US Market
£28.18 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Apr 122013

Drive Safely And Eliminate The Blind Spots With The Allview Rear View Interior Car Mirror

The Allview rear view mirror is one of those things that exist since many years ago, but you never realize how useful it is.
Yesterday, I was out shopping at the neighborhood grocery store. A friend of mine who lives next door asked me to give him a hand and drive his car back home as he was not feeling very well. When I got into the car, I noticed this big mirror sitting on top of his default car mirror. My first instinct was to remove it, so I get a comfortable driving back home, but, to finally, as we only had a couple of miles to home, I did not.

While driving I realized how useful this kind of mirror is. You get a seamless view and allows you to check on back coming traffic without turning your head. The mirror covers your car’s blind spots, installs in a snap, is vibration free and allows you to even see the back bench perfect in case you have a child in the back).

So … I just ordered one, and thought I share it with you …

$43.71 | BUY NOW


Mar 162013

Automatic Link by - The Smart Driving Assistant That Advises You on Speed, Consumption, Breaking and Acceleration Reporting
The guys over at come to the market with a very interesting add-on for your car.
The Automatic Link is a smart driving assistant that helps you connect with your car via your Smartphone.

Basically – we’re speaking about a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle that connects to your car’s OBD plug (Onboard Diagnostics Port – the same port your mechanic uses to diagnostic when it needs repairs) and to your smartphone by a dedicated app.
Here are a couple of advantages of the Automatic Link system:

  • Very low power consumption on your smartphone as it uses Bluetooth 4.0
  • Easy instal
  • Compatible with all cars made after 1996
  • Great add-on if your car does not display computerized cruise information data (consumption, average speed, distance forecast on the existing gas level, etc…)
  • Even if your car allows you to see the above ingo, the Automatic Link can still help a lot – see below
  • Driving feedback (rough braking, speeding, accelerations)
  • Trip timeline (consumption, gas fill-ups, etc…)
  • Crash alert – automatic calls 911 for help in case of car accident
  • Allows identifying issues when your Check Engine light turns on
  • Helps you remember where you last parked – it does this automatically, without any need of setup
  • Multi-driver support
  • iPhone and Android compatible via the free dedicated apps (Android compatibility will be available as of this fall)
$70 | BUY NOW
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Mar 082013

BlueID - Bluetooth Smart Car Operation, Keyless Drive, Keyless Engine Start and Kill

Bluetooth SMART is a low energy technology that allows further usage of the classic Bluetooth. Also known as Bluetooth 4.0, it offers manufacturers the possibility to incorporate new functionality in their gadgets.

One of such new gadgets based on Bluetooth Smart is the BlueID that proposes car operation via Bluetooth.
Wait a sec … we’re not thinking James Bond here … yet. The BlueID app is designed to lock and unlock the doors of your car as well as start or kill the engine remotely.

We see a nice future to this kind of technology – think keyless driving, thing easy car sharing, car renting, seamless car unlocking in case you loose your smartphone (enter the pin into another phone that has the app, turn on the Bluetooth and you’re ready to go)… etc. Of course … there’s also the dark side of it, so the technology needs to assure extended security to make sure your car stays safe in the parking ans no-one drives it away!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – would you entrust the access to your car to such smartphone app?

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Feb 152013

Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster

Since a couple of years, the cell phone providers are investing big money in their wireless networks. This is amazing as at the end of the line the end user gets better quality services, better coverage and hopefully better prices …. And when I say coverage I mean the networks are improving to accommodate faster connections and bigger bandwidth, but they do not expand in territory.

Another point to take in consideration is that the new cell phones are weaker and weaker in therms of signal capturing power. So, basically, there are places where you were able to use your cellphone 10 years ago, and when you visit them today, your shinny new iPhone or Android device does not even get half of bar of connection.

Should you be affected by this issue – a Signal Booster is the solution to get stronger signal while on the go.

The Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster is a complete car kit (it comes with a magnet mount antenna and cradle for your phone) that will dramatically improve your cell phone signal. Here are some of it’s features:

  • FCC and IC type accepted
  • No physical connection to the cell phone – you simply place the phone into the cradle and you’ll see the signal increasing
  • Up to 3 Watts output
  • Supports 3G – HSDPA, EVDO and EDGE
  • Delivers up to 10 times more power than a regular cell phone
  • Reduces dropped calls and enhances the signal withing the vehicle
  • Single phone use
  • Good Amazon reviews – check them at the bottom of the product page
$165 | BUY NOW – US Market


Dec 072012

Protect Your Car Windows From Snow and Icing With The Deluxe Windshield Cover

Winter is not always a gift! While the winter sports are surely the biggest pleasure during the cold season, we still have to deal with the daily issues brought by this season.

Unless you’re living in a part of the world where the weather is always sunny and warm, you should be aware of all the hassles to clean your car’s windshield, windows and especially the mirrors when they’re snowy and icy.

An easier solution is to cover the windshield with some kind of cover, but that still leaves the front windows and the mirrors. On the other hand, you can use this Deluxe Cover to protect your car’s front windows (including the windshield) and mirrors. The cover securely attaches to the car top with the use of sewed-in magnets, it attaches to the wipers and it has side flaps to secure it behind the front doors.
It can fit windshields raging between 58″ and 66″ (147 cm to 167 cm) and it’s available for international shipping.

$25+ | BUY NOW
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