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Mar 122014

Air Dock Wireless Car Charger Holder For Smartphones
With big screens and 3G or WiFi connections open all day long, today’s smartphones often need charging during the day.
The Air Dock is a car charging device designed to help you power your smartphone, phablet and even tablet without the hassle of plugging and unplugging cables. The Air Dock comes with 2 mounting options – a strong suction cup built for those who like having their holder fixed on the windshield or dashboard and a CD mount designed for those who prefer to mount their phones on the front side of their radios. The dock features a Qi wireless charging pad incorporated and is covered with micro suction foam to secure the device without clips and clamps. A strong magnet inside the charger strengthens the phone grip to the dock.

The wireless charger dock is compatible with most Qi wireless charger equipped devices. If you phone doesn’t come ready for wireless charging (eg: iPhone 4 and 5 series, Galaxy S3 and S4) simply buy an adapter case or an aftermarket wireless charging kit from Amazon and you’re ready to go.

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Feb 062014

Auto Grass Barrier For Pets
The Auto Grass Barrier is one of those things that make you say “Why Didn’t I think about this before”?
The barrier is designed to keep your furry friend in the back seat, where his place is! While it seems a bit strange that an 1-in high fake grass pad will keep you dog from not jumping in the front seat, the grass barrier is made of plastic designed to be an uncomfortable place for paws! After a few tries your pet should get the point and stay on the back bench.

The Auto Grass Barrier attaches with straps to any lift-top center console and it features a soft, non-slip, non-marking back.

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Sep 272013

Road Shower - The Rack Mounted Solar Shower With Pressurized Hot Water

With the Road Shower, you can have a hot pressurized shower on your vehicle. The water is solar heated even while driving.

The Road Shower is an interesting concept – a water recipient is mounted on your car’s rack and allows you to always carry with your a water reserve. The water recipient can hold up to 5 gallons (that’s about 19 liters), it can be pressurized with the use of a simple bike pump and solar heats the water allowing you to take a shower while on the go, wash some dishes if you’re camping, wash gear or pets or anything else you might like to use it for – also check some other cool car gear we featured earlier.

The Road Shower is in project stage at Kickstarter and you can score a special early price for just $210.

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Aug 132013

The Universal Smartphone Mount Allows Your To Mount Your iPhone Anywhere

The Universal Smartphone holder is an ingenious way to mount your smartphone just about anywhere! The mount is pretty simple – it features two hooks equipped with elastic bands which will keep your smartphone safe. The smartphone holder hooks to almost any object via a strap band attached to one of it’s ends.

The multifunctional smartphone clip is available on Amazon for a whopping price of $1.55 – that’s about 90% of it’s regular price. The catch is that there are only 10 items left in stock – so, get one quickly before they’re out of inventory!

If you’re out of luck you can also find this smartphone holder for it’s regular price (which by the way it’s still a good price given the coolness and extended functionality of the product) – $14.95 here, or $19.95 here.

$1.55 | BUY NOW – US Market
£14.99 | BUY NOW – EUROPE


Jul 242013

Star Wars Plasticolor Darth Vader Sets - Bring The Dark Side To Your Car Interior
Come To The Dark Side – We’ve Got Darth Vader Car Interior Upgrades“!!!

If you’re Star Wars fan and you want to bring the touch and feel of your preferred movie characters to your car’s interior, you should take a minute and check out the Policolor Star Wars Darth Vader Car Interior sets.
The set is Lucasfilm officially licensed, comes with a Darth Vader theme, has the Galactic Empire Logo on all it’s components and, for a whooping $139, you get to customize your car’s interior with 2 front rubber floor mats, 2 rear rubber floor mats, 2 low back bucket seat covers, 2 headrest covers, 1 steering wheel cover and 1 CD visor organizer.

The Star Wars interior car set is a universal size fit, works great on cars, vans, SUV’s and even trucks and it’s made of high quality anti-0fading, machine-washable materials. All pieces can be bought individually here.

$139.95 | BUY NOW


Jul 242013

GoodYear AMT Self-Inflating Tires
Goodyear AMT is an automatic tire pressure management system that makes sure you’re never caught off-guard by a pesky flat tire. Not only that, but the AMT also assures the tire pressure is optimal in order to help you improve your fuel economy, prolong the tread life and deliver an overall optimized performance.

The system features an internal sensor which, once it detects a lower than normal tire pressure, opens a regulator to allow air flow into a pumping tube actioned by the tire itself. Once the tire is back to it’s normal parameters, the regulator stops the pumping tube.

The technology is already “on the road” and Goodyear is in the last stages of testing before releasing the technology to the commercial fleet customers. Hopefully, everything will go as planned and we get to see this great technology on the consumer market as soon as possible.

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Jul 132013

StartMonkey 400 - The High Powered Rugged Emergency Jump Starter

The StartMonkey 400 was designed to give you a boost whenever your vehicle battery fails on you.

Manufactured by the guys at Power Traveller (the same guys that produce the SolarMonkey Phone Charger), the emergency jump starter packs a lot of juice in a small (2.42 lbs – 1.1 kg) portable package (8.26 x 2.55 x 2.54 inch – 210 x 65 x 64 mm). The StartMonkey 400 can hold it’s charge for 1 year @ 75% capacity and allows 12 cars/boats/motorcycles boosts before running out of juice.

~$300 | BUY NOW
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