Jul 032014

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set
The original Street Fighter video game was released back in 1987 and was one of the best fighting games around! The player was impersonating Ryu, a martial arts combatant and had to fight its way up in a worldwide martial arts tournament by defeating unique fighting style characters originating from different parts of world.

In 2012, to celebrate 25 years of Street Fighter, Capcom, the Japanese game publisher behind the franchise, released, among others, a special anniversary edition chess set featuring all characters involved in the original game.

ALSO CHECK the Life After Street Fighter Chronicles – Character Mockups By Arman Akopian.

The Street Fighter 25 Anniversary Chess Edition sports highly detailed 1.75″ to 3.25″ (4.44 cm to 8.25 cm) tall silver and pewter-colored resin pieces (all pieces have inscriptions with the original pieces on the front and he back for easy identification during game play) as well as a 18″x18″ (45.5×45.5 cm) glass game board with smoked and sandblasted effects. The chess set comes with a Capcom authenticity certificate.

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Sep 202013

Life After Street Fighter Mockpus By Illustrator Arman Akopian - Guile Having a Beer And A Cigar
Lately, more and more artists play with existing movie and game characters and make amazing mockups exposing them in strange and cool situations – also check the Street Fighter Realistic Drawings by Filip Acovic. the Super Mario Bros Mockups and The Minimalist Superhero Illustrations by Calvin Lin.

Things follow pretty much the same direction here – The artist Arman Akopian played with the bellowed Street Fighter characters and imagined how Life After Street Fighter looks like. Cammy White, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka, Honda, Fei Long, Ryu, Sagat, Vega and Zangief are pictured in various “real-life” illustration.

The author’s comments about each character’s life path are embedded in each photo. I took the liberty of pasting them below each pic to help you get the most out of them …

Hats-off to Arman Akopian for the cool mockups. We’re looking forward to see more!!!



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