Apr 222014

Brabus 800 iBusiness For Mercedes-Benz AMG G65
Here’s a cool toy for the business man on road!
And if you bellowed partner was always against getting that G-Class you’re looking after in magazines and TV shows, now you have the best excuse ever – the Brabus 800 iBusiness For Mercedes-Benz AMG G65! I know, I know, that’s a long name, but stay cool and check out how this beast can improve your productivity (sure, yeah!)!

The Brabus 800 for AMG 65 packs a 6-liter V-12 engine which outputs 800 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of electronically-limited torque allowing you to reach 60mph (100 KM/h) in 4.2 seconds! Imagine that! You’re driving a 3.2 tons behemoth and you’re street racing Ferraris and Porsches! How’s that for a business car?

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Other than the obvious high performance technical specs, the Brabus 800 AMG G65 packs a full line of Apple devices integrated into the car’s interior. The entertainment system is controlled via an iPhone app which also allows you to interact with the rest of the Apple on-board network – the Mac Mini, the Apple TV, the iPad, the iPod and the high-speed modem and WLAN (this last feature will help you to justify the 500k price tag by being a business vehicle investment!!!)

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Mar 242014

Mercedes Viano Business Luxury Van
The Mercedes-Benz Viano it’s a multi-purpose vehicle made by the German manufacturer. Normally, the Viano is just like any other van you see out there on the street. But that’s until it got on the handy hands of the guys over at Klassen

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The basic Viano model was “stretched” (read extended) to allow more room to the mobile office. The luxurious interior can easily serve as office for 4 persons, is fully loaded with high quality leather and high tech gadgets controlled by an iOs app (yeap … not only this van will set you back a considerable amount of Benjamins, but you also have to be an iPhone or iPad fan to fully take advantage of all it’s features)! No price is available on the official website (don’t worry, if you really want one you can drop them a contact form and I am sure they’ll get back to you quicker than you can hit the SEND button!!!) but rumor has it it’s about 1 million per piece!

Check the video below for a virtual tour of one of the fanciest road offices ever built!


Jan 202014

Desk Shot Standing Scanner Or How To Scan Files Without A Bulky Scanner!
Made by King Jim, “maker of Japan’s most stylish and technically funky office tools“, the Desk Shot Standing Scanner is a cool standing scanner designed to allow you digitize your documents while saving you the pain of having a bulky, full sized machine on your desk.

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Simply place a sheet of paper in front of the standing scanner, choose one of the three operation modes (A4 scan, Marker Scan which only scans the document area marked with a fluorescent marker and Non-Correction Scan which will digitize the entire surface in front of the sensor). On the technical side, the Desk Shot Standing Scanner works only with Windows PC, scans A4 sheets at 160 dpi resolution, features autofocus, is powered by a regular USB plug and scans to PDF, JPG and PNG.

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Jan 142014

Choc Edge 3D Printer Or How To Print 3D Edible Chocolate Objects
3D printing chocolate sculptures? How cool is that? Cool enough to make me want one!!!

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UK’s Choc Edge is one latest food 3D printers that hit the market. The printer works just like any other 3D printer by making multiple layers of chocolate until the desired shape is completed. You can 3D print patters, sculptures, objects forms, names and chocolate text massages … sky is the limit! simply feed the plan into the printer, allow it melt the chocolate required for the selected shape and watch the magic happen (check the vid for a real life printing example).

While cool enough to make me want one in my kitchen, the $4750 US price tag makes the 3D Chocolate Printer more targeted business owners in the sweets niche. I am looking forward to the day when I’ll walk to Walmart and buy one of these as simple as I can buy a toaster today!

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Jan 082014

Harman Kardon Esquire Or How To Have Good Quality Music While On The Go - Top View, Control buttons
The Harman Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is a cool way to enjoy quality music and business conferences while on the go.

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The Esquire features a dual-microphone system with integrated noise canceling capabilities designed to capt every word in the room, a stereo Hi-Fi speaker with built-in bass, Bluetooth wireless transmission to smartphones, tablets and laptops and a rechargeable battery which provides up to 8 hours of music streaming or call conference. The cool part about the Harman Kardon Esquire is that it doubles as a charging power station – simply hook up a USB cable into the charging port and start charging your smartphone.

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Dec 172013

Bombproof Laptop Bags By Goruck - 15L and 20L Shoulder Bags For 15in and 17in Laptops
Here they are! The Bombproof laptop bags from Goruck! – also check the Welded Waterproof Laptop Postbag, the Authentic II Skatepack By Vans and the Booq Cobra Business Backpack.

Keep you gear and your laptop safe in case of a bomb explosion! The laptop bags are built in USA, are made of durable Cordura and water-resistant material to fit laptops sized up to 17-in and and come in two versions: 15 liters and 20 liters. Both models feature a main laptop bombproof compartment and two open pockets for gear, magazines and newspapers (the 15 liters model) or a second zippered pocket to carry your valuables in safety (the 20 liters version).

While Goruck rates these laptop bags as “Bombproof” we really wish you never have to test them in real life conditions.

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Nov 252013

Marquis Cherry Men's Valet

The Marquis Cherry Men’s Valet is designed to help you store your personal gear while not using it. The valet features a hanger for your coat, an horizontal bar for your your pants, three top storage compartments for small gear and one drawer. The valet is made of “marquis cherry” finished wood.

While I like the idea of “one station to hold all your gear”, I am not sure how useful this is at one’s home. Personally, even if I have to wear the same business suit for two days in a row, I prefer to store it in my closet … On the other hand the men valet has a great potential for establishments renting rooms to business oriented visitors.

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