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May 012015

Blackmagic Micro Cinema And Action Camera With BlackMagic Video Assist
The Blackmagic Micro Camera is deemed to be the world’s smallest cinema camera and allows you to record your sports magic moments, shoot family events and everything else like a pro!

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The Micro Cinema Camera is a true digital film camera that captures true 12-bit log digital film quality images and allows you to change settings like white balance and exposure long after the camera stops rolling! Designed to be an one-stop-cinema-mini-camera, the BlackMagic micro recorder is extremely customizable, sports a 16mm sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range, MFT lens mount so you can use a wide range of lightweight professional photo lenses, HDMI-out port, an expansion port for custom devices, 3.5mm audio-in for external professional microphones, SD card expandable storage, two ¼” mounting points for securing the camera while action shooting, PWM or S.Bus radio control transmitters and receivers for remote operating and rechargeable Canon compatible LP-E6 batteries! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Apr 202013

Black Magic Cinema Camera- Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket, Powerful Enough To Record Professional Footage

The BlackMagic Cinema Camera is a truly professional camera that comes in a small package. Other than it’s compact size, the Black Magic camera packs an incredible amount of features to help you get the best shots possible:

  • Ultra portable design
  • Super 16 sensor size with 12.58mm x 7.02mm
  • CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes recording
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Active MFT lens mount (compatible with all MFT lenses and with non-MFT lenses via third party adapters)
  • 3.5in display
  • 13 stops of wide dynamic range
  • HDMI out; Headphones plug, Mic-in plug and LANC remote control compatibility

The Black Magic Cinema Camera promises “true digital film look” pictures and recordings, is priced around $995 and will hit the market in July, this year.

$995 | BUY NOW
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