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Aug 032015

Garmin Varia Bike Rearview Radar
Make sure you stay safe on the road with the new Garmin Varia Bike Rearview Radar!

ALSO CHECK the Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation and the Bike Armband Rearview Mirror By RearViz we told you about earlier.

The Garmin Varia is a small radar device that attaches to your bike seat post, monitors the road for back coming vehicles and alerts you via visual signals once it detected them from behind (up to 153 yards (140 meters)). The Varia radar connects wirelessly with the Varia head or selected Edge cycling computers, can show multiple approaching vehicles including their approximate speed and doubles as a bike tail light.

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Apr 262013

Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer by Kamp-Rite

The Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer is a nice addition for your outdoors biking gear. While a Topeak Journey Trailer and a Gogo Elite or a Blue Ridge Hammock tent can help you nicely camp outdoors, the BushTrekka was specifically designed for your long bike trips and combines a 120 liters volume storage with an off the ground sleeping tent to allow you to easily camp when the night comes.

The trailer features a pivoting wheel set and alloy wheels to increase your riding comfort on most terrains, safety reflectors and tape for nighttime visibility, lightweight aluminum frame to decrease the overall volume and a flat storage for the rest of your gear and provisions. The tent measures 90″ L x 32″ W x 40″ H (that’s 2200mm L x 810mm W x 1000mm H), is water resistant and mounts/unfolds in seconds with minimal effort.

Would you consider a such all-in-one solution for your long biking trips or would you stick to more classic individual items that can also be used on their own? Let me know in the comments…

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Mar 052013

The Topeak Journey Bike Trailer With Drybag Gets Your Bicycle Ready For Some Serious Trips

Bicycleswere first introduces back in the 19th century. Bikes were intended to be personal transportation vehicles, but, with the time, more and more people are using them to transport various goods – also check our bike related posts archives.

The Topeak Journey is a light aluminum frame trailer that attaches to your bike and increases it’s goods transportation capacity. The Trailer comes with the DryBag, a waterproof bag that securely fits into the trailer, uses SlideLocks quick release fittings and fits in bikes with rear dropout spacing of 130 mm or 135 mm with 26” or 700c wheels.

The trailer has a capacity of 32 kgs/ 70 lbs and it’s perfect for a ride to the market or a longer pleasure or fitness trip!

$349 | BUY NOW – US Market


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