Oct 072012

New Bicyle Concept Bicymple Side

How to simplify a bike? Simple …Make it Bicymple!

  • Take a bike
  • Remove  the chain
  • Shorten the wheelbase
  • Join the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis by using a direct-drive, freewheeling hub

ALSO CHECK the Transporter Commuter Bike With Trunk Wheel,the HMK 561Corbon Fiber Electric Bike and the Bygen Hank Direct Drive Bike.
Result = a beautiful, brand new concept bike, simple, with front and rear independent steer and ultra compact design (for easier squeezing and maneuvering in tight spaces as stairways, hallways, fire escapes, etc …

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Sep 192012

IceDot Crash Bicycle Helmet Sensor

Riding a bike, a motorcycle or a horse is fun … but not always safe.

The IceDot Helmet Crash Sensor is built to help reduce the risks. It pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth and if the sensors senses you crashed will alert your emergency contacts and rely information about your location and critical medical condition. Combine this with an Airbag Jacket and you are protected as you you can get …

The Crash Sensor should hit the market somewhere during 2013 with a price point turning around $200.

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