Oct 292013

Make Sure You Never Forget That Bike Lock At Home Again
The Bottle Lock dissimulates a strong bike lock into a classic bicycle water bottle. At least this is how you see it from distance!Also check the 10 Bicycle Essential Accessories To Improve Your Biking Experience I featured earlier.

The lock features a 5′ long coiled cable (that’s about 1.5 meters) which is enough to lock both wheels as well as the bike’s frame, a secret compartment for some cash, keys and small gear and it’s made of 8mm thick braided steel for improved security. Available in four colors (white, black, pink and rasta) the Bike Lock comes with two lock/unlock keys and weights less than a pound (450 grams).

What’s your favorite bike lock? Paste a link and lLet me know in the comments …

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Oct 282013

The Transport Commuter Bike Reinvents The Wheel ... By Adding It  A Trunk!
Transport” is a bicycle concept project sponsored by SRAM and targeted to explore innovation opportunities for commuter bikes – also check the Carbon Fiber Electric Motor Bike and the Bedrock Handlebar Bag.

The Transport Bike literally reinvents the wheel and transforms it into a storage truck which can easily carry a classic messenger bag or a backpack filled with gear you’ll need through the day. With all the added functionality the bike only weights 25 lbs (that’s less than 12 kg), just as any average bike on the street.

I am not sure if the concept will ever make it to the consumer market, but , given the coolness of the idea and the bike’s great look, I really hope one day we’ll see the Transport on the streets. What’s your take on the Transport Commuter Bike? Let’s hear you in the comments.

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Oct 152013

Seil Bag Or How To Stay In Touch With The Traffic Partners
The Seil Bag is a cool project designed to allow you to communicate your traffic intentions while roaming around on your bike. The system features a LED display that attaches to a backpack, hipsack or a pouch and displays predefined messages. The SEIL is Bluetooth 2.0 controlled via a wireless controller installed on the bike’s handlebar or by a free smartphone application – also check the Cocoon SLIM Backpack and Authentic II Skatepack by Vans.

If you find the idea cool and you’d like to support the project you can reserve a SEIL bag on Kickstarter for an early bird price starting at $149. Units delivery is scheduled for march 2014.

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Oct 042013

QTvan - Electric Scooter Camper Trailer

QTvan is a cool one person RV designed by ETA (UK’s Environmental Transport Association) to be pulled by bikes and electric scooters – also check the Colim Detachable RV Concept.

The camper trailer is 2 meters long and 75 centimeters wide and features a 19″ TV, radio, alarm clock and book shelves. The trailer was released back in 2011, it was advertised as a £5,500 (that’s about $8,800 US) “mobility scooter caravan built to beat Royal Wedding queues” and it is considered the smallest RV available for purchase on the market.

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Oct 012013

Bicycle Frame Handle Helps You Easily Transport Your Bike

If you ever had to carry a bike you must know what a hassle this can be! The Bicycle Frame Handle by Walnut Studiolo is designed around this issue to ease commuters life and helping them carry their bike in a more comfortable way – also check the Musguard Rollable Fender and the ProGear Multipurpose Bike Station.

The frame handle makes the bike feel lighter and easier to transport by lowering the center of gravity and allowing the user to have a good grip while carrying the bike in a more natural body position – like carrying a bag or a briefcase. Available in multiple color choices.

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Sep 242013

Strida Foldable Bicycles
Foldable bike are ideal when not much storage space is available – also check the Mountain Monk Bike, the Paratrooper Foldable Mountain Bike and the Foldable Backpack Scooter.

The Strida Foldable Bicycle is another cool option if you’re in the position of needing a bike but not being able to allocate it much storage space in your home. It’s triangle shape is ideal for suited commuting, it folds and unfolds in less then 10 seconds making it a great companion for people that need to also use buses and trains for commute. When folded, the Strida Bikes can easily be transported by comfortably rolling it behind you.

Here’s how it’s manufacturer presents the foldable bike “strida is the only folding bike that is greaseless, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free. it’s also the world’s lightest folding production bike

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Sep 232013

HMK 561 - New Carbon Fiber Electric Motorbike Concept by Ralf Kittmann
Yanko design artist Ralf Kittmann shares a cool electric motorbike concept – also check other cool concept gear.
The HMK 561 is a carbon fiber bike designed on an innovative concept: the electrical power sits inside the carbon frame which, due to it’s high electrical conductibility, also serves as power distribution network.

The HMK 561 uses a “counter-turning axle in lieu of gears and chains“, axle which transfers power to the the wheel by direct friction (the axle passes between the two rims and, by it’s cylindrical movement, turns the wheels allowing the bike to advance).

This is a very nice electrical bike concept. The fact that there’s already an working prototype built on this concept assures me on it’s feasibility and allows me to hope to see this beauty on the streets someday.

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